April 4, 2012

Good night!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • A fairly restful night around here.  Keaton ate a little after 12 last night-she is going backwards on her sleeping through the night.  We all then slept soundly until I rolled over on Graham and realized he was in our bed.  Usually I wake up when he joins us but didn't last night.  When I asked why he came to my room, he said "I slept with my head on the wrong end of the bed, woke up and thought that wasn't a good idea and came down here."
  • Robby went to work and Campbell stood at the door and cried when he left.  Pitiful.  She was quickly distracted with breakfast.  Everyone participated in our memory work this morning and then I sent them all off with their trash bags to do our weekly Wednesday empty trash round.  Graham thought he might cut a few corners and just chunk his trash bag (and its contents) over the edge of the steps.  Not a good idea! 
  • Anderson have another bloody nose this morning and then again this evening at home.  Seriously, we are really going through the paper towels....probably because when he gets a bloody nose, he grabs at least 10 paper towels.  His bundle of towels takes two hands for him to hold.  
  • We did school this morning-Campbell kept herself busy playing with a bucket of rocks that had letters on them.  Graham did some of his work and Anderson muddled through his.  Campbell did find the beads and pipe cleaners and everyone started making bracelets.  Thankfully, Reagan was already finished with most of her writing work and was able to make her a few bracelets while still doing her math flashcards, spelling, reading and while listening to a book about Arkansas.  We have started our big road trip unit/notebook/or whatever you want to call it and are starting to learn about the states we will be traveling in.
  • We finished school in time for me to clean the bathrooms (lightly very lightly) and dust before serving up a late lunch.  Keaton was wide awake and ready to eat at lunchtime.  I fed her some and then had to get up a few times to do other things and finally when I came back she pursed her lips and would no longer eat anything for me.  I think she was mad at me.
  • The electrician showed up today.  He was here for about an hour and half-we actually think he was just here to make Jodee stop calling him.  The plumber man didn't work today because he had something else come up and because the electrician hadn't yet been here.  Craziness!  Either way, the kids love reporting who is here and what they are doing-it is nice having lots of little spies running around here.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a few minutes today.  The kids were happy to play with them for a while.  Anderson and Reagan were so excited to tell them about how they and Graham cleaned up the toy room as a surprise for me today-and I truly was surprised even though I heard them talking about doing this.  
  • At nap time Keaton and Campbell had naps, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie, Graham played in the toy room and I folded laundry in there as well.  He was so cute asking me not to mess up his toys and even started scooting things over when he saw me walking in with my huge laundry basket.  He then followed me outside as I swept in the addition and offered to sweep with me but soon lost interest and encouraged Reagan and Anderson to come out and play.
  • They had a few minutes of playtime before it was time to get ready for church.  We skipped going and seeing Beebee and Papaw today and let Campbell sleep a bit longer.  The kids ate sandwiches and then we read a story until Robby came home and then we loaded up for church.
  • Church was good and Keaton liked sitting up playing in the floor tonight.  I moved her where she could watch Graham's class do their games.  Campbell saw Anderson in the hallway and started shouting "Graham, Graham"-even she calls them by the wrong name!

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