April 13, 2012

Campbell's First Haircut
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures
  • It was 6:30 when Graham started to throw a fit in our bedroom about us not letting him watch a movie.  We just rolled over and ignored him and within a few minutes, he was happily cuddled up beside me-though he asked every time any number on the clock changed if it was 7 yet.
  • At 7, he happily moved to the school room to watch a movie and Keaton woke up and had her milk laying beside us.  She was almost asleep when Anderson popped in to see what everyone was doing.
  • Campbell was not too far behind and when she got in the bed, Keaton had to get out-otherwise Campbell was going to rip Keaton's arms off.  Campbell knows that if she holds Keaton's arms and pulls her then Keaton will stand up.  This is not a safe, safe thing.
  • We had our breakfast and we must have started school early because we were finished around 10:30.  I even loaded everyone up with a snack so they would listen to a story about Kansas and everything was going smoothly until I read the name of the robbers in the story-The Andersons.  Poor Anderson was not too happy about that at first but soon he was so engrossed in the story.
  • We then quickly cleaned the house-pretty light cleaning when the kids are involved-actually, it is pretty light cleaning all the time.  We went room to room and one person was the straightener, one was the duster and one was the baseboard person.  We had made it upstairs when they noticed the workers.
  • They were insulating the addition today and the kids were in awe.  One of the guys was wearing stilts and the kids had never seen anything like this.  They watched and watched and then they started knocking on the windows.  I could just see my little insulator falling down when he looked and saw 4 little Dennies waving at him from their window.  Thankfully, he survived and all was well but he was watched throughout the day.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes to meet Robby to deliver a load of mulch.  After that was emptied, I sat the kids down for lunch outside.  I am out of bread, used the end of the hamburger buns for their morning toast and finished off the tortillas at lunch-I might just need to go to the store tomorrow!
  • Campbell, Reagan and I had a hair cut this afternoon.  Reagan did perfect as always but this was Campbell's first haircut so I was a bit concerned about how things would go down.  She was a bit nervous and sat in the chair with her little hand in her mouth the whole time.  Even when Tammy offered her candy when she was done, Campbell just shook her head no.  Then she saw the candy and she warmed completely up.  Campbell got her hair trimmed a bit and is as cute as ever!
  • While we were there, Reagan went to the restroom.  I asked her if she wanted me to go and she said no.  So when she came back, I asked if she had flushed the potty.  She said that there was a sign that said not to flush the potty.  That sounded interesting and I thought that I might better check it out.  There was a sign that said "Do not flush" but the sign also continued with things not to flush in the potty!
  • We then went to drop Reagan off to spend the night with Kennedy.  We beat Jodee and sat in the car for a few minutes watching a movie and then I might possible stood outside the car chatting for a few minutes.  Then I went to start the car and it didn't happen.  I guess I shouldn't have left the key turned on.  Brad from produce at Fresh Market happily let us use his jumper cables-and soon I will be getting my jumper cable lessons!
  • The boys didn't get to go to Tammy's with the girls but they went some place even better-Robby's work.  It was a little boys dream-they watched tv and ate lots and lots of candy.  So much candy that when they came home, they said they didn't need supper.  They also said that someone there told them that Sprite made them healthy!
  • Back at home, the kids played outside a bit while Robby and I cleaned up the garage.  Let me tell you, that insulation is crazy messy.  The insulator people even cleaned up a bit but seriously, Robby blew some out, we both swept and then he used the shop vac for a few crevices.  We will have to do it again a few more times to really get it clean.
  • Afterwards, the kids had baths and were able to do airplane before going to bed.  They were all pretty tired and were asleep very soon.  Tomorrow is the big soccer game and Anderson was so excited!

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