April 14, 2012

Soccer Season Begins!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Reagan had spent the night with Kennedy last night and she had a fun time.  Though Reagan did get chased a few times by Kennedy's puppies.  They said that Reagan ran and ran from them in a panic but she never made a sound.  Later today at our house, Campbell was chased by a neighbors puppy and Campbell is not like Reagan-Campbell made lots and lots of sounds as she ran!
  • Anderson woke up asking if today was soccer day.  He was so proud to put on his uniform and Graham was pleased when Anderson told him that he looked like a coach-I put him in a navy blue collar shirt.  Not much happened here until we left for the game.  I did heat up sausage biscuits for the kids breakfast and Anderson said that he didn't like them.  I told him that was all that I had so he might better try them and he did.  Then he said "these ARE good"
  • So it was the first soccer game for Reagan and Anderson today.  It started off with them running through the tunnel as all the parents cheered.  Reagan said that it was embarrassing running through with everyone looking at her.  Then the team headed off with Robby to their field.  The game started off kind of slow with lots of times that they kicked the ball out of bounds.  But it soon picked up with our team scoring 4 goals and the other team finally scoring 1-not that anyone was keeping score at all.  
  • I could not have been any more impressed with Reagan and Anderson.  Seriously, they did really well. They ran after the ball, kicked it and Reagan even came a bit close to scoring.  I was afraid they would be more stand-offish but they were really into it.  Tonight I asked what there favorite things were about the game-Anderson said "4 to 1" and Reagan said that her favorite thing was that "everyone played and had lots of fun."-my little Miss Perfect.
  • Coach Graham stayed by the bench the entire game.  I guess Robby told him wear to sit and that little boy didn't move an inch.  He was so proud of the team and sat there drinking his water bottle.  One thing is for sure, Graham will really be ready for soccer next year.
  • Campbell finally warmed up to Mike today-maybe because he bought a package of M&Ms to bribe her with.  And it worked.  That child loves her food-this afternoon after I gave everyone popsicles, Campbell came inside and got herself another one.  We are going to have to start locking her out of the house!  Another time she came inside and got 2 games out and dumped the contents onto the floor.  I will give her this much, she told me she was playing games and then helped me pick them up.
  • After our game, the big 3 went to Jacob's birthday party and enjoyed helping him celebrate turning 6.  He had a sports theme party and they changed into their football jerseys and cheerleading uniform before we got there.  After the party, we dropped Anderson off at Cash's house and picked up Lilly to come and play at our house.
  • Lilly, Reagan, Graham, Campbell and the neighbor girl played outside all day long.  Neighbor girl just adds a different element to everything-last time she met Lilly she said she didn't like her.  I heard this days later from the kids and thoroughly explained that if I were to hear that then neighbor girl would not be welcomed here.  Well, neighbor girl had forgotten all of this and her and Lilly clicked.  Tonight Reagan said that she had fun today but she felt a little left out since Lilly and neighbor girl were playing together so much.  I do think that she still had fun but that made me a bit sad-I should have sent neighbor girl home!  ha!
  • Around 6, Robby picked Anderson up and took Lilly home and I gave baths to everyone here.  Robby came home with burgers and we cooked burgers before putting Graham and Campbell to bed.  They were exhausted and I let Reagan and Anderson stay up and have a popsicle before bed!

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