April 1, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Sunday morning and even though we were up in plenty of time, we still struggle to get to church on time.  But today I am a changed woman and will now be arriving in plenty of time.  We were ushered down to the front row for the service and though I don't mind the front row, I do not enjoy parading down to our seats in front of everyone.
  • We were in Campbell's class today for nursery and she is a little stinker.  She squeezed one little girl's arm pretty good when she didn't move when Campbell told her to.  I will give her credit that everyone in that little room was wired today.  We had lots of jumping on people, wrestling and pushing-good times in the 2 year old room.
  • Graham's class was outside and he saw us from the window and waved and signed "I love you."  Then he worked on trying to toss the basketball up to Campbell peering out of the window.  Graham is still talking about The Kingdom.  He now wants to confirm that the soldiers are people from our church, that Jesus was a man from our church and that the grey headed man (Peter) was also a man from our church.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and she gave the kids an Easter treat-and then tonight Reagan lost the chocolate from her Easter bag.  Anderson continued to search for something in his bed while we were getting pajamas on.  Finally he said that he couldn't find his candy, it wasn't in his egg and then he added that he knew it didn't melt.  I eventually saw Reagan looking at something in her bed.  I asked her if she had his candy and the answer was "no" and then I found it.  I let her slide and after a lecture told her I would take away her candy-though this is the second time she had straight up lied to me today.  I probably won't be so forgiving next time this happens.  After all today is Sunday.
  • When we made it home, the kids ran straight upstairs to change their clothes.  They were so excited about playing with their bubbles from Hayley's party yesterday.  By the time that I had put on my outside clothes-two empty bottles of bubbles lay at the door.  Campbell and Graham had already spilled theirs and were happily playing in the dirt.  Maybe that was the liquid that I poured out of someone's rain boots as I was coming in tonight.  I hope it was the yellow bubbles and not any other yellowish liquid.  We should never have let them start using the bathroom outside.
  • The kids played in the dirt and all had turns riding on the tractor.  Anderson wanted to ride with Robby on the mower but Robby told him he could after he was finished mowing since it was way too dusty and poor Anderson waited and waited on Robby sitting in the driveway patiently playing in the dirt.  Finally Robby made sure that he had an extra long turn and Anderson was even able to empty the leaf picker upper (big time stuff for that little 5 year old).
  • Reagan caught a few more butterflies and her plan is to take them to school tomorrow for show and tell.  Hopefully they will survive the night and make it to school tomorrow.  Reagan also worked on a note for her friend Kennedy.  She was so excited when she came to me showing me the "KKK" she had put on the front of the letter.  She said it stood for "Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy."  I said that was great and encouraged her to add a few more Ks to her note so we wouldn't set off any alarms!
  • After supper and our Easter eggs, Keaton sat up and watched us fold laundry.  And then she did the thing that Robby dreads the most-she took her bucket of toys and dumped it out.  It is amazing that they are born wanting to throw everything on the floor!

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