April 28, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • This morning Campbell was the first one up again and she laid in the floor with Robby for a long while.  Then she decided that she would go and check on everyone else.  She woke them all up by getting on Graham's bed.  I walked into their room as they were trying to figure out how she had gotten out of her bed by herself.  It was funny because they could not figure it out and no one ever thought that one of us could have gotten her out of bed.
  • It didn't take too long for Anderson to find his soccer jersey laid out in the hallway and was putting it on for the big game.  The highlight of the soccer game was running through the tunnel.  Robby told Campbell that she could run through with him and run through that girl did.  She bust through that tunnel with the biggest grin on her face.  Of course, she did run through about 2 teams ahead of ours but she didn't care.  After coming through the tunnel she ran and ran and ran.  I had to leave Keaton to go and catch her and when I did, she was so pleased with herself.  None of us got a picture of her running through since we sure weren't expecting her to run through when she did.
  • The game was good and was another W.  I think the score was 8 to 3.  Reagan scored one and Anderson scored 2 (I think, though when I asked him how many he score he said 8 which I know isn't true).  Robby said that during their first practice he thought that if they ever get the ball in the goal during the game it would be a miracle.  But this little team isn't that bad-when they aren't kicking the dirt or looking at the snow cone stand.  The ball did roll and bump into Coach Graham today and he just grinned after we told him good kick.  
  • After the game, we headed to Sams to pick up our medicine (and seriously I am always shocked by how much Anderson's asthma meds cost-outrageous).  We walked around a bit and our purchases were little cups for the kids snacks, two outdoor pillows and a big rolling water hose thing.  They were giving out a few samples so the kids gladly partook of that.  And since we had and icee while shopping, we finished our Sam's trip with hot dogs for lunch.
  • Back at home the kids played outside while we watched the brick people finish the front and back of the house.  Then we gave the girls a bath and put Campbell to bed. Robby and I worked on making our bedroom back into a bedroom-it had gotten pretty bad but looks much better now (even though we still have hole and a tarp!).   After a long while the boys had their bath and then they all watched a movie while I finished straightening inside and Robby straightened outside.  
  • We had all gone back outside when the McGuires and Penningtons came over.  The kids played outside until supper.  Everyone toured the garage and the fellows even walked around the property.  Actually when it was supper time, I went out to tell them but couldn't find them.  I finally saw them at the very bottom looking at my trees.  After supper the kids went upstairs and they just went bonkers-we eventually kicked them outside (all but the little ones-Laynie, Hayley and Keaton).  
  • After that it was so very quiet in the house and the grown ups had dessert and then we eventually took the kids their dessert.  The evening was so pleasant outside and I think everyone had a great time.   Of course, when everyone left we again had to give the kids baths.  This time they all had quick showers (all but Keaton and Anderson who had a bath).  
  • As we were tucking them in, Anderson was so excited because Daddy had told him a secret-we are going to get cinna minis tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  Big time stuff in the Dennie house!

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