April 17, 2012

Dinner gone awry!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Last night when we were driving home, we drove past the Knowledge Tree (educational supplies) and Graham noticed the colorful shapes on the side of the building.  He asked if he could have his birthday party there-I guess it looked fun to the boy.  Wonder if they have ever had birthday parties-I told him though that I would take him one day.
  • And Graham's "armpit itchies" have now been confirmed as poison ivy.  Poor guy must be pretty tough because it doesn't seem like it bothers him too often (except when we talk about it or put medicine on it).  The medicine that we  have been putting on it makes Graham go bananas.  Robby (a fellow poison ivy sufferer) said that the medicine doesn't hurt but does have a cooling/soothing effect and to Graham that probably feels crazy weird....oh and the jury is still out if he has a tick on his leg or not.
  • Back to this morning, the boys got out of bed at 7 and quietly went to the toy room.  Then Campbell started calling for me and I picked her up out of bed.  Usually she will just sit in the floor and cuddle with me but today she got out of my lap and walked to join the boys.  Reagan then pulled her pillows and blanket off of her bed and laid down beside me in the floor.  The kids were playing quietly and Reagan and I could have cuddled all morning but alas it was a school day so we had to get up and get busy.
  • The boys went to school and they both came home with pictures that I put straight into their memory boxes.  Anderson had drawn a giraffe and Graham had made a man with arms and legs.  Pretty impressive and I probably should have taken a picture of them so you could have seen them.
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton spent the morning at Nonna and Pops' house.  They had a leisurely morning and Keaton even learned a few tricks-rolling from her tummy to her back.  Now she will be all over!  I will for sure have to start picking up all of their little toys.  
  • I picked the boys up and they saw my stack of library books and asked if this was the last day of school because I had told them we would read 100 books on the last day of school.  I explained that it was getting close but these weren't for our last day-we would have to get some more.  Wonder how many books I can check out of the library.  I have lost 2 library books lately and it just makes me crazy-can't find those anywhere.  Makes me crazy!!
  • Everyone was fine at Nonna's house until that magic one o'clock hour when things fall apart.  It usually happens at one and then at 4.  Anderson got upset when his cars were moved and things just went downhill.  School days are hard for the boys-I guess they just get so tired from all of that obeying and learning that they do at school-at least I hope so.
  • Back at home we were able to see the sheet rock truck deliver sheet rock.  What a highlight of the day-one man even had a remote control.  The boys could not have been more interested in it all, especially Graham who stood completely still until they left just taking it all in.  And when they left, they honked!  Oh what a thrill!
  • We did school and then talked about Kansas and Chimney Rock.  That Graham has a better memory than the other kids about names of places.  And Anderson was so interested in learning Reagan's Bible verses from her sparks.  I explained that we were going to learn some of them this summer so he could be ahead and he wanted to read them all today.  
  • I worked on supper tonight-made spaghetti.  Or at least I attempted to make spaghetti.  So what happened?  First Campbell poured my spaghetti on the floor.  I decided that since I was going to boil it the germs would disappear and picked it up.  Then as I poured the spaghetti sauce on it I thought that the sauce was a bit chunky.  Then I thought that it smelled different-well, it was salsa.  My, my.  So I started rinsing the salsa off the spaghetti piece by piece only to find out that I didn't have an spaghetti sauce after all.  We just had sandwiches.
  • Grandpa came over to help Robby with his speakers and Grannymom played with the kids outside.  They played and played-neighbor kids even came over and at one time I looked out and saw Campbell trying her best to pull two neighbor boys in the wagon (like big kids-4th grade and first grade boys).  Finally we brought everyone in hosed them off before bed.

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