April 16, 2012

What's wrong with a little mud?
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Graham was pretty worked up last night and called us upstairs quite a few times before he finally fell asleep.  His rash was still there this morning.  It does itch him off and on and is pretty red-poor guy!  I am actually surprised that he is being quite tonight after what we put him through-as we were getting everyone ready for bed, I noticed a tick on Anderson.  I guess ticks will just be part of this country living.  So then we saw a spot on Graham and for the life of us we can't decide if it was a tick or not.  So flashlight, magnifying glass and tweezers later we still don't know if it was a tick but poor Graham wasn't very pleased with us!
  • Back to this morning, I hadn't been out of bed too long when I noticed Campbell walking down the hall.  She was completely naked and carrying 2 twenty pound of bags of candy.  She drug them to the school room, sat them down and got out her school box to find her scissors with the intentions of opening the bags and having herself some candy for breakfast.
  • Speaking of Campbell, she has been pretty proficient at pulling off Keaton's clothes and taking her diaper off for quite awhile now.  And Campbell has learned a new skill-feeding Keaton.  I had to run upstairs during Keaton's breakfast this morning to wipe someone's bottom and sat Keaton's food on the ground beside her.  When I came back down the stairs, Campbell had the jar and was spooning it in Keaton's mouth.  I would have let her continue but she was making quite the mess-though much was still getting into Keaton's mouth.
  • Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school.  Anderson had a good day and told me all about who got in trouble at school and what they did-thankfully, he was not involved.  Though my Anderson can have bit of a temper-the other day he told Graham that he was going to "kick him in the face."  Seriously?  
  • Reagan had a good day and today for show and tell she and Kate sang the song "this is the cross where Jesus died, this is the hill where Mary cried, this is the tomb where Jesus lay, this is the stone that rolled away, Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so."  I can not believe that they stood in front of the class of 20 other kids and sang that song...and she can barely speak to people in the hallway.  Also, today was brownie day at school and she was so happy to just bring her brownies home.  She said that she didn't even eat them at school and wanted to save them for the ride home.
  • This morning, Campbell and Graham kept me busy-they stamped, they painted and then they saw a puddle outside.  Graham begged and begged to go out and jump in it.  And since Keaton was asleep and I was caught up, we put on our boots and out we went.  Not only were they making memories, they were making a complete mess-as in I had to change their clothes on the front porch before even letting them come in the house.  I should have had them take a bath but didn't want to go to all that trouble!
  • Anderson came home and we had lunch and they played for awhile.  I ran outside real quick to plant a few plants from Grannymom and the boys helped me do this for a few minutes.  (I still need 3 more little plants to fill my holes-I might have gotten carried away with my hole digging since the ground was so soft today!)  Anderson recounted seeing a mouse in Robby's shed the other day.  He said that that mouse climbed up Daddy's rake and "then I shut the door."  He continued with "I don't know what I just shut one door."
  • We then hurried around so we could play on the playground at church a few minutes before picking up Reagan.  Once she came out, we continued to play for a few minutes before I realized that Sonic happy hour was coming to an end.  On the way to the van, the boys saw a puddle and headed that direction.  I was about to stop them but remembered that poor Anderson had not had his puddle jumping turn so I let them continue until I had 4 kids who had soaking wet shoes and socks.
  • Then leaving church, we saw a train and I didn't turn and headed toward the train tracks so they could see the train (forgetting about happy hour).  They were in awe watching it.  After it was over, I had to turn around and speed to Sonic but we made it with a minute to spare.  Reagan kept asking "what will happen if we don't make it?"  The answer was "Mommy won't get a drink."  Which in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have gotten a drink because I have been to the bathroom 17 times since 4.
  • Leaving Sonic, I thought that I probably should have just stayed out until 6 when I was going to meet Robby but since I now needed to get shoes for everyone, we ran home and I kept them all in the car while I fetched socks, shoes, a new shirt and shorts for Graham who spilled his slush (thankfully the spill was minor and I really should learn because this was the second week that I had to pull over on the way home to put Campbell's lid back on her cup).  Back on the road to meet Robby, I realized that I had only gotten 3 pairs of shoes and not 4 so I had to turn around to grab another pair.
  • We met at Target and all of my slushie drinkers had to run in a potty.  This was fine because Reagan and Anderson both ended up getting a pair of new shoes.  Poor Graham really wanted a new pair but since he had two good pairs, he will just have to wait.  Campbell didn't care and was tickled that we were letting her try on as many pairs as she could grab.
  • We had supper at US Pizza and the kids have not forgotten their eating out skills.  Since we have slowed down on our eating out, I have thought that maybe they will lose their good behavior skills but they didn't.   Plus it probably helped that they must have been starving-we cleaned up our nachos and all of the kids had a whole piece of pizza and Graham even had more and still said that he was hungry.  
  • Back at home, we terrorized Graham (see my first bullet point) and then everyone went to bed.

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