April 24, 2012

Rewards of strawberry pickin'
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • The boys took snack to school today and we let them pick exactly what they wanted to take.  Graham decided on the little breadstick type crackers that you dip in cheese and Anderson wanted to take graham crackers and marshmallows.  And both of them wanted to take orange juice and Robby said that both teachers commented on the orange juice-must have been a real treat!
  • The girls spent the morning with Nonna and Pops.  Reagan told me that she watched tv the whole day but that can't be exactly true since she did her math pages and her and Campbell went to see Beebee and Papaw for a few minutes.  
  • After I picked up the boys, I had to run to the library to pick up a few books.  The boys were delighted because I let them pick out a movie (and a few books of course).  They were so proud of their movies and now that we have gotten home they have forgotten about them (possibly because I put them way out of sight)
  • When we made it to Nonna's house, their neighbor asked if the kids could come over and see their new rabbit.  So they ran over to look at the rabbit for a few minutes.  Anderson didn't want to pet it but everyone else did-even Campbell.  Speaking of animals, the highlight this afternoon was them watching two neighbor dogs out in our front yard.  The kids thought the dogs were wrestling...they weren't wrestling.  Anyway, I think I need a BB gun.  
  • After lunch, we loaded up with Nonna and Pops and headed to the strawberry patch.  We only got turned around one time and that was with the gps and directions.  Ha!  When we arrived the lady made me a bit nervous that they weren't going to have any but the did have plenty and the kids enjoyed picking them.  Reagan was all about it.  She didn't need any help and had filled her two containers before long.  Anderson and Graham often wanted help to fill theirs-I think they thought they were in a race!  And Campbell picked any and every thing she could.  After I showed her a few red strawberries she finally got the hang of it as long as we would constantly remind her "just pick the red ones." 
  • After dropping off Nonna and Pops off we headed home.  Campbell fell asleep in the car and slept until supper.  I hauled everything in the house while the others played.  After I had put most things away we started school and the boys participated a bit too and they were very interested when I started reading a book about Mt. Rushmore.  I guess boys are always interested when they hear words like "Indians, dynamite, dangerous"
  • We had a simple supper and then the kids picked up their toy room while we picked up downstairs.  Actually, Reagan did most of the picking up until I told her she could quit.  Then the boys worked after I told them they could only have a popsicle when they were finished.  That did speed things along a bit.  
  • When I was getting the others ready for bed, Keaton was on the floor in their room.  And within a few minutes she had rolled her little self from the middle of the room to the window and then during prayer time she rolled under their beds.  I had to drag her little leg out from under the beds.  Once tonight she was rolling around holding my phone with a mischievous grin-kind of reminded me of Campbell.  What am I going to do?  Keaton also has her first top tooth.  Growing too fast!

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