April 15, 2012

Planting the seeds...
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures)
(click here for more pictures of soccer yesterday - compliments of Uncle Jason!
  • Church morning and the kids had their Trix for breakfast.  You would have thought that we were handing out gold to them as Robby scooped it up.  They were all dressed and Robby needed a Sonic fix so the 4 big kids and Robby went to church early while I stayed home for a few more minutes and got myself and Keaton ready.  I became a bit distracted with looking for a soccer sock, then had to dry my hair (I usually just let it air dry but can't when I have a new haircut), got Keaton ready, headed to Robby's car only to see that Keaton's car seat was still in the house and finally had to hunt for a close parking spot at church (which happens when you get to church as it is starting).
  • I brought the little 3 to Nonna's house a bit early.  And before too long Robby arrived with the others.  Graham was very pleased with the orange cake that Nonna had made.  Poor Graham was in quite a mood at Nonna's house and it even carried over to home.  He had complained of his armpits itching and I had kind of ignored it-shouldn't have.  That boy's little armpits were red and bumpy.  Robby looked and thought it might just be poison ivy-on his armpits?  really?  He has been shirtless often but not so much in the last few days.  Then we looked on his back and it is red and bumpy all over so hopefully it isn't poison ivy.  We put two kinds of creams on him plus a sip or two of benadryl so hopefully he can sleep through the night and all be better in the morning.
  • Before we left Pops' house he had some seeds for the kids to plant in the garden.  Reagan and Graham did very well at putting the seeds in the trenches and Anderson did great at covering the seeds with the hoe.  And Campbell she just loved holding that bag full of seeds and poor Pops will find beans sprouting all over his garden due to Campbell.  
  • At home, Robby was cleaning out the shed (shed #1 that is).  The kids played outside in the sprinkles for awhile and then as soon as Robby and I came in, Anderson, Graham and Campbell followed us.  I peeked out to see Reagan chasing something with two buckets for awhile and then she came in as well.  They mostly played upstairs and watched a few movies.  
  • We even had our "everybody read time" this afternoon and that did give us a few minutes and peace and quite.  I am currently muddling through a book that talks about how we should reduce the number of our kids toys by 90%.  I can't say that I disagree but that sure would be hard to do....but I could be convinced to do this.  
  • We had supper and then the kids helped me clean up the play room.  Robby was downstairs cleaning up Campbell's mess.  We have a little sweeper and she was using it earlier when it stopped.  I told her that it needed batteries and Robby would have to change them.  It is a big rechargeable battery but Campbell took that sweeper into the living room, turned it over spilling its contents, found and dumped out the batteries and tried her hardest to stick the batteries into the sweeper-my little helper!

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