April 7, 2012

Easter Parties!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
(click here for a video)
  • No ticks to report this morning.  We were all pretty lazy this Saturday morning.  We decided to walk down to the church across the street on Lawson for their community Easter egg hunt.  As we walked down the road, Anderson looked back and said "I can't even see our dumpster from here!"  Yep, we are high class people!
  • Bandaids-that is what I needed to refill in my diaper bag after just a few minutes from leaving the house.  First Anderson fell on the way there and his little hand hit a rock and he got a good gash.  Then Graham jumped off of a bouncy and landed face first on the concrete.  Both of them needed to have multiple re-bandaiding during the day.
  • The egg hunt was really fun.  They had bubble machines and all of the kids were fascinated with them.  I even took a picture of the machines so I could try to find us one.  There was face painting (that I didn't let them do) and three jumpies.  Everyone loved the jumpies-Campbell can keep up with the big kids going up and down the slides.  Anderson started following some big boys and just thought he was a big as they were.
  • The next event was the egg toss.  Reagan and another little girl partnered up and the boys partnered up as well.  They didn't want to but no one else was as small as they were.  I told them that they were brothers and they always had to be partners.  Those two ended up coming in second place in the egg toss.  Second place!  Ha!  The only way that was possible was because they were playing on some very, very soft grass.  By the end they were over 20 feet apart and when they tossed it, it would just roll back and forth to each other.  
  • Then they briefly told the Easter story and started the egg hunt.  They let everyone 3 and under start first.  Eggs were everywhere and Graham took full advantage of being in the 3 and under group.  His basket was so full by the time he finished that he had given up trying to stuff more eggs in it.  After just a few minutes, they let everyone else go and all of the kids had plenty of eggs.  Reagan was so sweet, she kept finding ones and giving them to Campbell.  Campbell had eggs in her basket but Reagan still wanted to help her out.
  • Then they had hot dogs and all of the fixings.  It was a really great morning and time for yard work when we made it home.  Well time for Robby to do some yard work.  I put Campbell down for a very early nap and Reagan, Anderson and Graham worked and worked at opening their eggs and eating their candy.  Then they sorted out eggs they wanted to keep and eggs that needed to be refilled for tomorrows egg hunt.  Then I put them to work refilling eggs while I boiled eggs for us to dye.
  • Within just a few minutes, I was running around loading the car with Keaton and Campbell for an Easter egg hung at Aiden's grandma's house.  They had bunnies and they were a big vicious this year.  Campbell was intrigued with them when they were in the cage and Keaton even wanted to reach out and touch the bunnies when she had a chance.  Next up were snacks and Campbell really enjoyed the cake pops.   Poor Keaton had missed her lunch and she almost took a nose dive into my plate of food.  I thought about handing her a cake pop too but didn't know what others would think about that!
  • We had an Easter egg hunt next and Campbell had not tired of finding eggs.  When they were almost all gone, she would look to me and I would point to where one was and she would run to grab it.  Campbell was the only one who initially wore her bunny ears but never really looked pleased about them.  We then went home and watched a circus performance that Reagan, Anderson and Graham had put together.  They ran around like a bunch of clowns-jumping through fire, falling, spraying with a water gun-funny kids.
  • Then we came in the house for baths and dying eggs.  We survived without a huge mess but Reagan and Graham were mixing lots of colors when I finally started cleaning up.  Campbell didn't remember dying eggs from last year-first she tried to crack her egg into the cup, then she tried to stir it with the spoon and finally she had a drink of the colorful vinegar dye!  She didn't really like the taste but within a few minutes she must have forgotten because she tried it again.
  • After the eggs, we loaded up and had burgers outside at Burger King.  The kids enjoyed playing on the playset.  We made a few stops on the way home to buy lightbulbs which have greatly lit up the kids bedroom, some stuff to keep the flies off of the dog and then we picked up our ironed Easter clothes from Nonna's house.
  • The kids all said that  they were hungry on the way home so I let everyone have a snack.  Robby swept the addition while I worked on getting everyone pajamad up.  We did our final Easter egg and called it a night!

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