April 12, 2012

Don't mess with this coach!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)   
  • I dropped off the boys and they used to cling and fuss when it was time to go in their classes.  What happened to those days?  Everyone around here is growing up-even Keaton is just as happy seeing someone else that she knows.  And I forgot to mention yesterday that she was thrilled to see Jason last night at Cubbies.  She started bouncing and kicking her feet.  Jason held her all evening long until she fell asleep in his arms.
  • I picked up the boys and Ms. Wendolyn mentioned that both boys were so sweet and loving.  I confirmed that she was speaking of my Dennie boys but she was.  She even said that one of the little girls from Graham's class was playing dress up and asked Graham he wanted to get married with her.  Graham shouted "no" and ran across the classroom-that's my little cuddle muffin.
  • He crawled in our bed around 2 or 3 last night.  We had thought they were going to cut the hole in our bedroom wall the other day so we had moved our bed up against the wall since it would have been in the way.  Anyway, the bed is now up against the wall on one side and at the foot of the bed is the 212 inch tv that Robby has bought for the new bonus room.  Graham couldn't even find a way to get on the bed and ended up sleeping on the edge of our bed and I could hardly rest thinking he might fall off.  I kept holding on to any part of him that I could grasp-elbow, knee, ankle.
  • The girls were out playing soccer in the front yard with Grandpa when we drove up.  They had even jumped on the trampoline and Grannymom said that Campbell is really enjoying the trampoline now.  Reagan really wanted to have our lunch outside so we huddled together in the garage and ate.  It was a bit chilly out there for me but we managed.  After lunch, we blew more bubbles, swang, played ball a bit more and then finally loaded up to head home.
  • By the time we made it home, Campbell was tired and a bit fussy and of course Robby was on a phone call.  I was running around trying to unload, herd Reagan and Anderson upstairs, keep Keaton happy in her car seat for a few more minutes when Campbell got upset that she didn't get her way, Graham fell and hurt himself and Keaton had had enough-and Robby was on the phone.  I grabbed all of the fussers that I could carry and tried to calm everyone in my room.  
  • Soon everyone was happy again and it was time for school.  We are starting to talk about Kansas for our trip.  We read a story about Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express, colored a Kansas map and colored the state flag.  Sometime during the conversation about Kansas, Anderson said "we are talking about Kansas and you have a friend names Kansas."  It took me a few minutes but I eventually figured out he was talking about my friend named Candice-not Kansas.
  • We had our second soccer practice today and those Cobras are going to be ready to kick some soccer balls on Saturday.  If they win or if they lose, I know it will be a sight to see.  Robby could hardly keep them from playing in the dirt today so I can only imagine how distracted they will be during a game with lots of parents watching, another team, more coaches, referees and a snack bar.  Coach Graham can still blow that whistle even though he gets so tired during practice and fell asleep on the way home tonight-it is tough being a coach.

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