April 5, 2012

Assistant Coach Graham!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Graham again ended up in bed with us sometime during the middle of the night.  But we were all moving so quickly this morning that I never asked him when he came into our bed.  As the kids were eating breakfast, Robby saw two large deer in our yard.  I had never seen deer in our yard but they were there-a good distance past the swing set so it was hard to see them.  I think that all of the kids were finally able to see them too.  How fun-deer in our yard-never thought we would have deer in our yard.
  • Robby took the little girls to Grannymom's house and Reagan went to play at Kennedy's house.  They stopped off at the nursery first and even bought themselves plants to plant.  Reagan painted her name on pot and was so happy about it.  She said that Kennedy told her that she couldn't water it too much or it would die.  So she gave it a few drops of water tonight as she watered it.
  • Anderson and Graham had a big day at school-Easter party day.  Robby went to the parties this time and was able to see both boys find their eggs.  They had a big time and came back with lots of lots of stuff (more than the 12 empty eggs that I sent as it said).  I am all for a fun party but seriously, every holiday at school almost every parent makes a goodie bag for their kid to pass out.  Almost every parent that is....if I make goodie bags for every kid's class (Reagan-20 kids, Anderson-10 kids, Graham-10 kids) and do that for every holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Groundhog and Columbus (ha, not those last two)) that would be 160 good bags a year to make.  And in a few years Campbell and Keaton will be wanting to pass them out to their class.  Not gonna start that!  Even without goodie bags made by the Dennie house, the boy's Easter baskets were overflowing when they made it home.  
  • Campbell and Keaton spent the morning at Grannymom's house and they had a busy day.  Campbell played in the tent, rode bikes, played ball and even took a walk.  Anderson asked if Campbell got tired on the walk but apparently she didn't because she managed to walk all the way back to Grannymom's house.  Grannymom and Grandpa brought the girls home and even brought over lunch.  
  • Everyone played around outside for a bit and Robby worked on his pile of stuff that he wants to move...but now have decided since it is covered in dirt and poison ivy that we just need someone with a back hoe or something like that to come and scoop it up....any takers?  The kids swung some and Anderson played baseball with Grannymom.  He had to run upstairs to get his baseball hat (I didn't know which hat was the baseball hat he wanted because he wanted a specific one but couldn't tell me which one).  
  • Before too long, I grabbed the boys and we went to get a ham for Easter and to pick up Reagan.  I thought I was buying the right sized ham but apparently we will be eating ham for weeks after Easter and possibly months.  Oh well, it is better to have too much food than too little.  Reagan was happy to see us and even happier to realize that soccer practice was tonight.  Though Reagan and Anderson both have asked me what "practice" meant.
  • Three other kids showed up for practice (only missing one who we later found out has broken her collar bone).  Coach Robby and Assistant Coach Graham were both there as well.  Looks like there are two little boys on the team that are pretty good and then Reagan and Anderson will be next.  It will definitely be a hoot to watch.  Campbell enjoyed playing with the ball in the empty net and Keaton was tickled to just be outside.  
  • Graham helped Robby for a long time.  He was quite a good ball getter and Robby would even have him blow a whistle occasionally.  At the end, Robby had Graham join and play a scrimmage with the other half of the team. (3 on 3).   Graham was into that for about a minute and then he came to my blanket and asked for a hug, noticed a box and wanted to open it all the while I was trying to get him to return to his "team" since they were playing.  Then I realized "that is why 3 year olds can't play soccer"
  • We then dropped Anderson off at church with Grannymom.  He is going to get to spend the night at their house along with Cash tonight.  He said that maybe they would get to stay up all night long.  I am sure that they were having a blast.  
  • Back at home, everyone had supper and then Campbell went to bed.  Graham watched a movie and then asked to go to bed and Reagan was pretty close behind him.  Keaton hasn't even woken up from the ride home-maybe I should get her out of the van.  (kidding-she is happily sleeping in the closet!)

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