April 2, 2012

With the big kids at school, the others will play!!!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Before we went to bed, we heard Campbell fussing on the monitor and Reagan asking if she wanted her to get Mommy.  By the time I made it upstairs, Campbell was already back asleep.  At 3, I heard the same thing and just picked up Campbell and brought her to our bed.  Her nose was pretty stuffy and she was a bit coughy-enough so that I thought we were going to have to go to a chair in the den.  But she eventually went to sleep and I was soon having to punch Robby.  He must have been dreaming thinking someone was chasing him because he was about to run out of the bed.  Next up, Keaton woke up around 5 and needed her milk.
  • We did sleep in a bit and woke up with Graham climbing on our bed.  He went upstairs and then I went upstairs to help everyone get ready.  Reagan was in bed and I assumed Anderson was in bed too.  I whispered to him to get up and continued putting on clothes.  A few minutes later, I heard Robby asked Anderson what he was supposed to be doing.  He had gotten his stamps from Nonna out and had started stamping.  Finally I was able to locate him (in this giant house which is only getting bigger) and get his clothes on him.
  • Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school.  They ate breakfast on the way and were a few minutes late to Anderson's class.  But were there on time for Reagan's class.  She had brought her butterflies to show and tell today and they made it through the day and were still alive tonight.
  • Graham, Campbell and Keaton hung out with me all day.  Graham stuck pretty close by my side and talked the whole day long.  We talked about The Kingdom, we talked about where dogs potty, we talked about firetrucks, we talked and talked and talked.  Campbell couldn't get a word in!  I did go downstairs for a bit and they continued playing upstairs and soon Graham hollered down at me "aren't we playing nicely together?"  I agreed and before I could get back up the stairs they were no longer playing nicely.
  • Robby picked up Anderson and came home for a few minutes.  Anderson had told Ms. Stacy that we weren't going to at school tomorrow.  Ms Stacy mentioned that to Robby and he looked outside to see Anderson standing with his head down.  Robby asked if he thought we were going out of town and asked where he thought we were going.  Anderson replied "Branson, we need to go there."  Silly boy.  
  • After lunch, Anderson started watching a Disneyworld documentary about the roller coasters there.  Soon, Anderson, Graham, Keaton, Campbell and I were all in my bed watching it.  The boys paid close attention though they were so excited talking about everything they saw that they couldn't hear the show.  Campbell would occasionally shout "me ride that"-meaning that she wanted to ride something she saw or that she did ride one of the rides on the show.  Keaton just sat trying to reach their bowls full of snacks.  
  • Before too long, it was rest time for Campbell and after what seemed like a few minutes I was waking her up putting her in the car to go and pick up Reagan.  I have to leave the house a few minutes before 3 to pick Reagan up at 3:30.  If I leave too late I will get behind the Lawson pick up line and have to pass 5 cars waiting to pick up kids which takes a bit of time.  And remember last week I ended up behind a bus and thought I was going to have to call back up to pick her up.  
  • We left on time and had about 3 minutes to spare before picking up Reagan and heading to Sonic.  The kids all picked out slushie flavors and Campbell just kept shouting "diet coke, diet coke"-wonder where she has heard that before.  I am surprised that she even knows what coke is!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  
  • Everyone sat outside enjoying their drinks in the beautiful weather once we made it home.  We ended up staying outside until Robby came in.  They swang quite a bit and even had a few Easter egg hunts.  Robby got things out and started filling the trailer with yard junk and I made the kids supper and then went to help Robby.
  • The sky was dark and within a few minutes, the sky became even darker and the wind was blowing crazy.  I quickly checked my phone to make sure we didn't need to take cover.  Robby decided that his trailer was full and headed to unload and I headed to check on the kids since we were on the other side of the house.  And the wind was really blowing here with dust in the air and little limbs flying.  The poor kids were all standing on the seats of the picnic table holding on to their food, their cups had blown in the yard and Reagan was chasing the butterfly cage which was blowing across the yard.  She had even been shouting at them to keep their heads down so they wouldn't get dust in their eyes.
  • Robby changed his mind about unloading the trailer and just parked it thinking it was about to pour.  I starting trying to get the kids inside before a branch fell and crushed them.  They took it seriously and I have never seen them pick up dishes and dirt pile toys so quickly.  They were working together and had everything cleaned and helped me get Keaton inside in record time.  Quite entertaining!  And the funny part is-it never really rained (only briefly sprinkled) and within a few minutes the sky was lighter and things were calm.
  • The kids played train for awhile before bed and everyone was asleep before their cd made it to the 10th song-and I know this because there cd starts repeating itself on the 10th song and when I went to stop it they were all asleep.

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