April 11, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • The day started off pretty busy-the framer and his crew, the lumber man, a roof man, the tile man, the brick deliverers, a delivery man and even the Schwanns man.  And yes, Robby was the first one who bought something from the Schwanns man and now I am going to have to start leaving the house on Wednesdays.  Of course I bought something from him today-I just couldn't take making the man cry.
  • I had enough crying in the house so I didn't need to add the Schwan's man to the list.  The kids have been wired all day long-lots of fussing, screaming and running around-and that was just me!  Ha!  My Graham is just a fusser and my Campbell is just a screamer and I can usually deal with that.  But today, Anderson was also a bit difficult.  He knocked over his desk during school, took forever to pick that up and then was shocked when I made him finish his school work.  
  • Reagan asked today how the workers knew what to do and I was about to get on my soap box about how they have worked hard and practiced for many years and follow the plans (like we should work hard, practice and follow the instructions from the Bible).  Graham probably saw where I was going and interrupted with "Ms. Jodee tells them what to do."  And Graham is the one who has been paying lots of attention to the workers today.  He sat in the bedroom looking out the windows while hammering, sawing and screwing in his toy screws.Soon Robby came home for lunch and everyone calmed for a bit-probably because I stuck a freshly delivered Popsicle in their mouths.  After lunch, Nonna and Pops came over and the kids continued to be wild.  The kids were delighted to play with Nonna and Pops and Nonna even was able to get Keaton almost asleep before she left.
  • After I put Campbell down for her nap, I told the others that they had to sit and read for a few minutes.  They thought this was a punishment even though I explained that it was good to read, and it was good to be quiet and if they didn't there mother was going to go crazy.  Reagan just screamed "I don't want to read" and Anderson said that he didn't know how to read.  Pitiful.  Anderson was the best "reader" during read time and was the quietest.  Later, I told them that we were going to start doing that every day-somebody remind me of that.  We really need to do that everyday and it wouldn't hurt me to sit and read a few minutes too.  
  • Robby surprised us and was able to come home to ride with us to church.  Campbell's teacher shook a bag a goldfish as Campbell walked in the door and surprisingly, she didn't fuss at all.  My girl likes to eat!-just like her momma!
  • So tonight after Awana, the kids were all sitting at the bar drinking their milk.  Anderson said "this is like we are at a coffee shop." And then he added "or a truck stop."

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