April 27, 2012

Nothing beats a good 'ole bowl of spaghetti!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • We ran out of milk last night and had only 3 cups that were 3/4 full.  Only 3 because Reagan doesn't always drink milk.  I was hoping that the milk wouldn't be an issue this morning but I was wrong.  Campbell had her milk at 6 when she joined our bed (wide awake I might add).  And around 7, she returned to the fridge and retrieved Anderson's cup for him and Graham's cup for her.  Then Campbell went to join Anderson who was watching a movie.  I had to take Graham's cup away from her and she was not pleased.  Later at breakfast, I handed Graham's cup to him and Reagan asked about hers.  I told her we didn't have any more and her little lip started quivering.  All day long some one was always asking me if they could have some milk.....
  • Not only were we out of milk, we were out of baby food and baby cereal.  Keaton finished off the rest of her cereal for breakfast and I had nothing in this house that I could give her for lunch.  I didn't think smashed bbq potato chips would be okay.  Sara did feel sorry for her at lunch and gave us some of Lilly's food.  Though in my defense, I knew I was going to the grocery store tonight and she could always have had another bottle.
  • The kids did school quickly this morning so we could go and get the oil changed on the car.  We unloaded at the place and went into the waiting room.  The first thing the kids saw were 3 tires (real tires) and they immediately started to try to unstack them and roll them.  Thankfully, I was able to set the baby down to avert any ones toes from being rolled over.  We read a book and then the kids found the little kiddie waiting area and by the time I looked up the whole waiting room had left-yep, we cleared the waiting room.  
  • Before too long we were on our way to church to ride bikes and play on the playground for a bit.  Keaton enjoyed setting on the blanket and watching everyone.  Keaton has started waving occasionally and I think she is trying to clap too-such a big girl.  Everyone else rode their bikes, played on the playground and even played hangman on the church sidewalk with chalk.  Of course, as we were leaving we did notice one of the words that the kids had spelled out in their little hangman game-poop!  We had to scratch that one out before we left.
  • Back at home, Campbell and Keaton had a nap and I tried to work on my grocery list.  I had made it very clear that everyone was supposed to sit quietly and watch their movie or lay on my bed.  Of course my boys were so tired that they just couldn't behave.  Anderson hit Graham and this set Graham off in his little screaming fit.  So Graham was sent to my bed because of his screaming and Anderson was sent to the couch upstairs because of his hitting.  I made them stay in their spots for almost an hour and there was much, much scream and gnashing of teeth.  I think those long time outs are going to have to happen for awhile because the screaming and hitting is about to drive me insane
  • Robby came home and we hauled the couch to Beebee's garage.  He drove slowly the whole way there and I followed him praying that the sectional that we had stacked on the trailer stayed on!  It did and we switched cars and then switched again and I headed to the grocery store.  I bought plenty of milk, plenty of baby food and lots of beans for next Saturday.  The kids had supper and even had their pajamas on when I came home.
  • Robby unloaded the groceries while I put Graham and Campbell to bed and then Reagan and Anderson went after their movie was over.  Another good, good day!

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