April 8, 2012-Easter

Happy Easter!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson was the first one up this Easter morning.  He laid in bed with us for a few minutes and then went upstairs to play.  Soon he was back downstairs asking to watch a movie.  I said "sure" and then he asked where?  I had forgotten that Keaton was sleeping in her swing in the school room where they usually watch their movies (no, not during school!)
  • Before too long, everyone was up and putting on their Easter duds.  Campbell's dress was one that Jenna had worn and I am not exactly sure where Keaton's outfit was from but it was cute as well.  Reagan had picked out her dress and added a sweater to it.  Nonna had ironed this and then Reagan decided this morning that she didn't want the sweater.  I knew it was cooler so I overruled her and she was not too happy.  My boys are my easy ones to get ready and seldom complain about what I pick out.  And since I don't have to worry about their hair, that makes things even nicer.
  • Graham was the first one to spot their Easter baskets and could hardly wait for me to finish dressing Campbell and for us to get downstairs.  They seemed pleased with their baskets-a dollar, band aids, a playdoh egg, a puzzle, a small chocolate bunny, a bug for the boys and a plant for the girls and a package of snacks.  Keaton's didn't have all of that in her basket.  Hers was filled with baby food!
  • The initial plan was to go to church last night for the service but we had nursery so we went for the 9:30 service in two cars so Robby could go home early and get things ready for lunch.  I left my phone at home and when we got there, I was too distracted thinking that I needed Robby to back my car in so I could get out easier that I missed my parking spot.  Robby turned my car around for me and naturally put my keys in his pocket.  After church, my class only had 2 babies so I told him to go ahead and go home.  As he was walking down the hall, I told him to come looking for me at 1 if I hadn't made it home yet since I didn't have my phone.  
  • Probably 10 minutes later I realized he had my keys and since I didn't have my phone, I asked the ladies in with me and they didn't have one either.  I had to go down the hall to find someone with a phone and called Robby-who didn't answer.  Later I called again and he still didn't answer.  I figured he would see my calls but waited and waited and he didn't call back.  I was about to get up to call someone else when I did get word that Robby was sending Jason to drop off my keys.  He was a good sport and didn't mind bringing my keys to me since he was already at our house.  
  • I picked up Reagan and Anderson at noon and then went back to my class since the preacher was just starting the invitation.  It was after 12:30 when we made it to the car-making it after 12:45 when we made it home.  I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't make it home by 1 and Robby was going to start searching for me.  I actually was surprised that everyone had not started eating but they had waited.  
  • Lunch was good but the highlights were the bunny cake and the carrot cake.  For the kids the highlights were the egg toss and the Easter egg hunt afterwards.  They did the egg toss twice with Graham and Dana winning the first time and Anderson and Cash winning the second time.  They had the best time with those eggs.
  • Meanwhile, a whole army of us were hiding eggs on the other end of the yard.  Robby had been to their egg hunt at school and after that he wanted the kids to find more than 12 eggs and for the eggs to be filled (I had never filled eggs before).  So we had lots and lots of eggs-2 walmart sacks full of eggs.  We didn't hide them too good but they were very spread out over the large yard.  When we gave them the go they took off-Robby was afraid they were going to tackle each other.  But all was well and there were no tears to the whole event (miraculous).  It probably helped that when all of the eggs were found, everyone's buckets were full to the brim.  
  • They all then sat down on the patio and opened their eggs.  Campbell just sat and shoved the candy in her mouth as fast as she could.  And everyone else thoughtfully opened and sorted their goodies-I had lots of coins in the eggs because I had ran out of candy.  Next up the kids played and played outside.  I tell you I am so glad that we have that dirt.  After looking out, I asked Robby what they could all do sitting in the dirt for that long.  
  • Finally we put Campbell down for a nap and the others came in after awhile.  The girls watched a movie or two and the boys played upstairs with trucks.  They did this for a long time too-long enough for Robby to take a long nap and for me to even shut my eyes.  But alas, that was not a good idea.  When I saw Reagan running around in her bathing suit, I knew something was up.  The boys had migrated from the toy room to the bathroom and had started playing in the water.  
  • Water was everywhere-even on the ceiling.  Three boys had on bathing suits and the girls had on theirs as well.  I didn't beat anyone and encouraged them to clean it up because i came back upstairs.  I showed them the towels and then showed them the washing machine where the towels were to go.  They used everyone of my towels in that bathroom but that was fine since it mostly was dry!
  • Soon Robby took Lilly and Cash home and I fed my crew.  Then I made Anderson go out and clean up the outside toys.  I did make him go out in his bathing suit that he was still wearing and he soon came in for a coat.  Later, he burst in and I told him that he had more to do.  He said "I know but I just saw the Easter bunny."  We do have a resident bunny that is seen so this was probably true.  Later he came back in to say that he had seen another one too.  
  • We then folded laundry and waited on Robby to come home.  He arrived and we reviewed all of our resurrection eggs before putting everyone in bed.  And it was 7:22 when we walked out of their room for the first time-whoop! whoop!  Of course, this early bed time does come with a cost because we had to go upstairs twice each before everyone calmed down.

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