April 9, 2012

How to cheese at age 2!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Well another morning and and another tick-this time on Reagan.  I guess we better improve our tick inspections around here.  Everyone was given a very thorough inspection tonight during bath time.
  • Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school and had to turn around on the way to come back for his badge-Campbell sobbed each time he left the house.  Pitiful.  I was only able to distract her with getting Keaton out of bed.  
  • Graham had one thing on his mind today (other than his Easter basket candy) and that was working his puzzle.  It was a 63 piece puzzle so it was quite difficult for my little 3 year old.  Though we persevered and were able to finish-it did help him that I would hand him the next piece each time.  
  • Campbell was not going to be left out of this so I had to get her a puzzle too.  She worked and worked on it not making any progress so we opened up her little flower pot from her Easter basket and planted the seeds in it.  I knew I should have let her walk down the hall holding the tiny flower pot full dirt.  So it was no surprise that we had to replant her little seeds after they had all spilled on the floor.
  • Robby brought Anderson home and we had lunch and then worked his puzzle.  He did much better than Graham but still needed help.  It will be interesting to see how Reagan does with her puzzle-though I don't think she will work it soon since it has animals on it and isn't too girly.
  • This afternoon I overheard Anderson and Graham talking.  Anderson was talking about Saturday when we were at the Easter egg hunt at the church down the road.  He was talking about someone knowing his name.  He kept going on and on about that person saying "hi Anderson."  I finally jumped in and asked if that might have anything to do with his nametag that he was wearing.  He said "no, they KNEW my name so I ran away.  I'm not supposed to talk to strangers."  I would love to get inside the mind of a 5 year old boy!-only briefly though!
  • Speaking of boys.  You wouldn't believe the things that I over hear these days.  The other day I heard Anderson tell everyone else in the car that he found a lollipop stick in his pants.  Really?  Really?
  • We jumped in the car to go and pick up Reagan.  She is so sweet when we pick her up-she said that she saved everyone a bit of her lunch.  Then she also said that she ate one of her hershey kisses for lunch, one for her snack time and one for the ride home.  But her first question when she got in the car was if we could go to Sonic. So I guess that we have started a new Monday afternoon tradition and it helped me get my diet coke fix.
  • The kids played outside when we came home.  Keaton tried to stay outside but we too tired but fussed for awhile in her bed so I picked her up and just carried her around and she was happy.  Anytime you put her on her back now, she immediately flips to her tummy.  But the poor thing can't flip back over.  
  • We planted a few other seeds in cups, they explored the woods and we briefly couldn't find Anderson, everyone swang and then we came inside for baths, tick checks and supper.  One highlight of the afternoon was finding another Easter egg-and then another and then another and finally we found 4 leftover eggs.  The kids were delighted...well, Reagan was delighted because she found 3 of the 4 and Anderson was devastated because he didn't find anymore at all.  He said he didn't have any candy and wanted what Reagan had just found-though he must have neglected to think about his basket full of candy.  
  • After supper the kids said their highs for the day-Reagan's was going to Sonic, Anderson's high was eating bunny cake, Graham's high was playing in the dirt and Campbell's high was taking a bath (she must understand what we are doing because she always says something from the day). 
  • And right before bed, we said our prayers.  I got so tickled tonight.  Campbell says her prayers but the only thing decipherable is an occasionally "God" and the final "Amen."  It is like that child is speaking in tongues.  We can't take her to big church anytime soon or she will start praying along with the preacher.

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