April 21, 2012

Soccer Saturday!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • As Robby and I were going to bed last night, he whispered at me to come.  I looked and outside just about 5 feet from the edge of our patio was a deer.  She must have seen my white shirt through the window because she was pretty skittish and ran off just as Robby snapped a picture.
  • Around 1:30, Graham woke up asking if Daddy was going to come upstairs and since I could tell that he wasn't going to go back to sleep easily so I just brought him downstairs to our bed.  And then around 5, Keaton joined us too thought I could only snooze after that because Graham is all over the place and I was afraid he was going to elbow his sister.  So I slept from 5 til wake up time with one arm around Keaton, one arm over Graham's arms and my leg over Graham's leg.
  • I had my shower first and then went to wake up Kennedy, Reagan and Anderson.  It didn't take long at all of for Anderson to wake up and put on his jersey.  That boy really enjoys playing soccer.  The girls moved a bit slower but we were all mostly ready on time though they did have to eat breakfast in the car.  Our soccer pictures were at 8 this morning and brrrr it was cold.  Like ice cold!  
  • We shivered for awhile and then pictures were over and Robby volunteered to take the baby back to the car for a bit to warm up.  "Volunteered" maybe because he was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt and was pretty chilly himself.  Kennedy and Anderson joined them in the car for a bit and before too long it was time to run through the tunnel.  
  • And Campbell made her soccer debut today!  She was sitting happily on the team's bench and I went just a few feet away to the blanket.  The next thing I hear is Robby shouting my name while holding Campbell by the waist surrounded by eight kicking 5 and 6 year olds.  Poor Campbell was just going to stand by her Daddy but was almost trampled.  She was not happy about the whole incident-she just screamed and screamed until she discovered my snacks.
  • So the score today was 6-2.  Three of our teams goals were scored by the other team and one was scored after the ball was out of bounds but the score is still 6-2!  We continue to be impressed with them-Reagan is quite the defensive player.  She stopped many, many goals from being scored.  And Anderson scored a goal!  He was so proud of himself.  Jason has most of the game on video in case any one would like to view it.
  • After the game, they had snow cones for the kids.  Nothing like standing around in the freezing cold eating ice!  The kids didn't even notice that the rest of us were shivering but loved their rainbow colored snow cones.  Reagan headed home with Nonna to spent the night with her and Pops after the game.  They had a big time even going to Chuck E Cheese, picking flowers, seeing Beebee and Papaw and making supper.  
  • Robby hurried home because he just could not wait to see the brick people (actually he couldn't wait to see if they were there).  And they were and now we have a few holes in the house!  Pretty exciting and Robby's favorite spot in the house is going to be where his new window is going to go in his office area.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over and helped us clean a bit and Campbell and Keaton had a short nap.  They were all up in time to enjoy a popsicle before coming in for a bath.  I was busy with bathing the kids and since I wasn't around to pass Keaton in and out of the shower to him as usual, he just sat Keaton in the floor of his shower.  She enjoyed it for a minute and then decided that taking a shower was not for her.  
  • We then all rode to Walmart-Anderson slept on the way there and Graham slept on the way home and Campbell coughed the whole way there and the whole way home!  She seems to feel fine despite that cough.  When we made it home, Graham was still asleep but did wake up for a bit of supper....and an ice cream sandwich. 
  • As we were eating, I opened the mail from the nutrition center (almost pitched it without opening it) and saw one of the pictures they took of us last summer.  Anderson thought that was so neat that they were in the newspaper!

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