April 19, 2012

Listen to your assistant coach!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • I had to wake every one of the kids up today.  They were sleeping so soundly-horrible!  Thankfully, everyone woke up in a good mood and were ready in no time.  Anderson was pretty excited to get ready since it was 'zebra' day in his class and they were asked to wear black and white.  So we painted black stripes on a white shirt yesterday.  Graham helped since he will wear it next year and even Reagan and Campbell made a stripe or two.  He really enjoyed making it (at least one side of it-I had to finish the other side).  And we didn't even get a picture of it!  Maybe I will have him try it one again for a picture.
  • Anderson brought home his cup of grass that he had planted at school.  Graham was very upset that his grass did not grow.  He repeatedly told me about this on the way home.  I finally asked when he planted his grass and his answer was today.  No wonder his grass hadn't grown yet!!
  • The girls spent the morning at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  They jumped on the trampoline and decorated cupcakes.  All three of my girls have runny noses and Reagan hasn't felt too great today.  I started to think that Graham was getting sick today when I saw him laying on Grannymom's grass with his head on a ball.  He was just a bit tired but as soon as he got up, Reagan laid in his spot and used his ball pillow.  Pitiful!  Maybe we need softer grass at our house!
  • We finally made it home this afternoon and getting in the house is always crazy on my work days...well, unloading the car and getting in the house is crazy whenever we come home.  Bags to unpack and refill, bottles to put in the fridge, cups to put in the dishwasher, trash from the car, papers from school, work stuff to do at home, school work to put up, shoes to put in the bin, socks thrown everywhere, doors open and it seems that everyone needs something as soon as I walk in the door (juggling all of the above)-snack, wipe their bottom, hook up their lego trailers, turn on a light.  At least once on a Sunday, Robby helped unload the car (except the kids) and then they drove around the block while I ran around the house unpacking from the day.  
  • Anyway, all that to say, today when we came home Robby was in the garage cleaning up.  We all joined him to help.  The boys did pretty good at putting little pieces of trash in a pile, Reagan is quite the sweeper and Campbell worked on bringing the bicycles into the garage.  Before too long, things were cleaner in the addition (still filthy but much cleaner).  
  • Everyone came inside-Robby to do some work, the boys to rest (Graham wants to rest so he can drink his milk and Anderson wants to rest so he doesn't have to do his homeschool work), Campbell to nap, Reagan to do school and Keaton to watch.  Reagan did school laying on the floor covered up with a blanket-don't feel too sorry for her since she was finished in a little over an hour.  She works much faster when she doesn't have so many distractions (brothers).  
  • She did feel much better during soccer practice tonight and continues to impress us.  Seriously, the kids are so much better than we ever thought they would be.  Maybe our expectations were too low but they have done really well.  And Graham is still the cutest assistant coach ever.  He blows that whistle every time Robby asks and is so proud of himself.  Campbell and Graham will be pretty good little players too-I may just become a soccer mom!  
  • We picked up supper on the way home and stopped to also pick up bread.  Then we came home and the kids had a few minutes to play before bed.  It didn't take long for the kids to fall asleep tonight-love soccer practice nights since they are so tired!

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