April 26, 2012

Team Meeting!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Last night we went to bed thinking the first order of business this morning would be getting Campbell to the doctor but she slept all night long and was jumping in her bed before 7 this morning.  She was actually in a wonderful mood this morning and has acted fine all day long.
  • Robby and the girls left a little after 7 to go to Grannymoms and to take the van to the shop (yes, again but all should be good now-for a few days at least!).  Soon after I was loading up the car with the boys and thinking that two kids was pretty easy.  And not a minute or two after I thought this I was walking back into the house to get my spanking spoon.  Anderson said that he did not want to sit by Graham and turned himself around and sat on the console.  I told him to move and he said no so a good old fashion spanking was how we started our morning.
  • Later I picked the boys up from school and they were talking about playing football on the playground so I guess that had forgotten what their earlier disagreement was in the car.  Soon Grannymom and Grandpa brought the girls home and even brought lunch over.  We ate and then the kids went upstairs to play with their box some more and then joined us all back outside.  
  • Robby made it home from work and everyone stayed outside for a bit and then we came back inside to shower the boys and Campbell off.  We hadn't been outside long but they had gotten pretty sweaty.  Then Keaton and Campbell had naps, the boys played and Reagan did some of her school.  I am falling behind in our state stuff but plan to catch up this weekend.
  • Soon Kennedy and her dad arrived.  Kennedy went upstairs to play with the kids box and her dad hammered a bit in the house.  The kids all played in that silly ole box.  Reagan even made a model of their cardboard box today.  
  • Before too long we were all scrambling around getting ready for soccer.  The kids still have so much fun at soccer-maybe I should sign my boys up for flag football.....maybe I should sign Anderson up for tackle football...keep reading
  • Well my favorite part of the day happened tonight during soccer practice.  The kids were scrimmaging and Anderson had the ball.  He was kicking it towards the goal when another player ran up beside him.  Anderson was about to lose possession of the ball and didn't want that to happen...so he did what any 5 year old boy would do.  He stuck his arm out and pushed that kid down and kept the ball!  Coach didn't like that though!
  • I had bunko tonight so I helped Robby load up the kids and I headed off.  He picked up supper, fed everyone, pajama-ed them up and picked up by the time I had made it home.

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