April 18, 2012

One is bigger than the other!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • The sheetrock workers were at the house early this morning and Graham had even spied on them and then went back to bed.  They enjoyed watching them off and on all morning-and of course when they lifted a crazy tall ladder, all 4 kids were out the window squealing with excitement.
  • Jodee and Kennedy came over and the kids played with Kennedy all day long-the played in the dirt, out of the dirt, on the tree house, on the swings, had a snack outside and even had lunch outside.  A big time was had by one and all.
  • We looked outside today and Anderson was sitting in the dirt, happily playing.  I was not happily watching when I saw that boy though.  He had filled his dirt with shirt-filled it up.  He probably had 50 pounds of dirt in his shirt.  Robby was surprised when I said that the kids didn't go inside today but when I explained this sight, he agreed that it was probably best they stayed outside.  
  • When Kennedy left, we scurried around and everyone had a shower and then Keaton and Campbell had naps.  Graham said that he wanted to rest and sure enough he fell sound asleep.  Reagan finished school and then her and Anderson did their state pages-the others will have to catch up.  Today was started talking about South Dakota-I just hope they remember something about what all we have talked about.
  • It was 5 when we walked out the door at home but it was 5:45 when we walked into the door at church.  I had to make about 4 trip from the house to the car, Anderson found some glass in the yard to be thrown away and Campbell didn't want to get in her seat.  The traffic was fine and when we arrived at church two geese were by the new parking lot so off Reagan, Anderson and Graham went chasing them.  They made it pretty close before they flew off.
  • I mentioned Campbell didn't want to get her in her car seat.  She sat her bottom down right between the two seats on the floor of the car.  I told her that she had to sit in her seat and she said "no, Grannymom sits here."  What, I thought.  But then I realized that Grannymom (and I) have illegally sat between the seats when we needed to pile in the car on the way to the airport.  
  • It was inside out night at Sparks and Reagan had everything inside out and was pleased as she could be.  Even tonight, she put her pajamas inside out and so did Anderson.
  • During Cubbies tonight, Graham's teacher said "Let's play Simon Says.  And I am Simon."  My Graham shouted back "And I'm says!"
  • When we made it home tonight from church, we all toured the garage.  A few thoughts-the sheetrock people are messy, I am going to have to have lots of walls that need stuff (I already do) and it really looks like a house now.  Exciting.  Campbell stood herself in the mud sink and started rubbing her hands over her body saying "me taking shower"

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