April 23, 2012

Growing up!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • So this morning was zoo day for Anderson's class and I dropped off Reagan at school first.  This was her last full day of kindergarten at Comm Central.  She really didn't even care that the rest of us were going to the zoo-that is how much she enjoys school.
  • Anderson was so excited when I told him that we were a few minutes early.  His class is mostly boys so Ms. Stacy and the other moms could hardly keep up.  We were fortunate that none of his class fell over the railings and into the cages-seriously.  Some of the exciting events from today included seeing the penguins, feeding the fish, the snakes, the reptile house, the noisy monkeys and the prarie dogs.  
  • Graham kept up with Anderson and Campbell mostly stayed with me.  She is really getting good at talking and telling us things.  If we don't understand she will usually use some gesture so I can get what she is talking about.  Tonight she told me that the monkey's scared her and in her defense the monkeys were pretty noisy today.  But what she said at the zoo still has me laughing.  We were looking at the large, hairy orangutans and Campbell pointed at them and shouted "Daddy!"  
  • A few minutes later, some monkey picked something up and threw it at our group.  I wasn't looking and only heard the commotion but it hit the metal bar right between the boys.  It was a loud thump-it looked like it might have been some of his food.  It hit close enough to Anderson that Ms. Stacy thought he might have gotten hit.Whatever it was, it sure would have hurt so when that monkey picked something else up we skiddattled on out of there.  
  • The kids were good and we were able to get in the car without much fussing or fretting.  The juice box and cookie bribe did help.  As soon as I buckled Campbell in, she shouted "me ride train"-just remembering that we did not ride the train.  Keaton had a big time as well at the zoo-lots of stroller time, outside time, a bottle and even a nap-she couldn't have been happier!
  • Meanwhile, back at the house, Robby was watching the workers tear a hole our closet door (poor Anderson cried when he came home and saw that he had missed it).  Robby said he felt a little like Geraldo when he was opening up the Hoffa vault.  And just like Geraldo there was nothing to exciting with the big reveal here.  But it did take the framer and electrician-Robby said when he walked into our room there was a cloud of dust everywhere.  It has settled on the furniture and some has made its way to the kitchen floor-I saw it when I swept tonight.  It will only get worse before it gets better, I know (the dust/mess that is).
  • Robby ran a few errands and then picked up Reagan and a few Sonic drinks on his way home.  I woke up Campbell and Graham to drink theirs and Graham must have fallen back asleep because I heard a yell and then Reagan came outside to tell me that Graham had dropped his drink.  Poor guy, he was so upset but I was able to salvage most of it and he was fine with it.
  • We then went outside to clean the addition and the kids played some.  Neighbor girl came over along with her cousin/friend/step sister/sister (I don't really know since she has told me they are all of those).  Neighbor girl told Reagan that there were 10 continents-I am sure she was just confused but the lying/exaggerating just makes me crazy!  I also had to keep my eye on neighbor boy because he has now taken 2 of the cars from our dirt pile saying they are his.  Which they may be because we had inherited quite a few cars from when we moved in six months ago.  One day I overheard and gave him permission to take one even though Anderson was not pleased with me and another day he just took one over Anderson's protests.  But not today-I didn't let him out of my sight.  Ha!  You can certainly have a car if you ask but third graders don't take 5 year old cars!
  • We then had our spaghetti and ice cream sandwiches.  Next up was bath time and it was relatively peaceful tonight.  Then everyone went to bed and we were only called up there one time.  And that was because Graham needed me to find his happy napper toy-and then Reagan needed her-and Anderson needed his and then Campbell needed hers as well!

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