April 3, 2012

Resurrection Egg Time!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • I heard Anderson scream "Anybody my nose is bleeding!" in the middle of the night.  By the time I made it upstairs he was already in the bathroom with a tissue to his nose.  We laid down on a pillow in the floor until he stopped gushing.  Graham must have heard the commotion because he jumped up and joined us.  And that is when I thought I better look at the clock-eek, it was only 1:45 and that is when I started praying I could get everyone back to sleep.  Thankfully, they both went to bed without any problems.
  • Around 3, Keaton woke up for her milk.  It was a little bit early for her and I sure I should just let her cry but a bit of milk won't her so she laid with me until she finished her bottle.  I stayed awake this time since Robby was in the middle of the bed and Keaton was next to him which meant that my head was no longer resting on my pillow but on my nightstand!
  • We were ready and off to school and Nonna's house at a decent time.  The girls spent most of the morning hiding Easter eggs with Nonna.  And when we made it there, Campbell hid the eggs and I was quite surprised at how well she hid them.  While hiding them she would constantly scream "not ready, not ready."  And as soon as she said she was ready, she took off picking those eggs right back up and putting them in her basket all before anyone else could even come back in the room that she was in.
  • The boys had a good day at school.  Graham cut out a game in his class and was excited to play it with everyone during school this afternoon.  Anderson also had a good day and hopefully he didn't tell Ms. Stacy that we would be gone on Thursday (like he did yesterday).
  • When we made it home, we did a bit of school and when we were finished I grabbed a few magazines and sat down near the kids to read (completely forgetting all about my to do list).  And that is when things fell apart-Anderson's nose started bleeding.  Actually bleeding would be an understatement-more like gushing.  At one time, he had the largest...well, that is probably too much details but I even started to wonder how much blood he could lose before I should be concerned.  He was fine and not alarmed so I worked on cleaning the carpet, here, there and everywhere.
  • And within minutes, Campbell was holding Keaton and Keaton spit up on Campbell's leg.  Campbell's eye grew big and she had this look on her face like she was absolutely disgusted by what had happened.  Reagan and I saw it and laughed until we cried.  Campbell looked mortified that this happened to her...pretty funny.
  • Robby came home and we swept out the addition (only the plumber here today-not here for long but boy can he make a mess with all of his drilling).  Then he played outside with the kids while I made our delicious supper (hot dogs).  The kids them played upstairs until bedtime.  
  • We did our eggs tonight and then they all went to bed and they were wired.  Everyone was talking, Graham turned his bed around to put his head at the other end, Campbell was throwing things out of her bed and Anderson even climbed out of bed.  Those little turkeys-they weren't as tired because we put them to bed a bit earlier and maybe because they hadn't spent hours playing outside.  All is quiet now (since I turned off the monitor).

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