June 14, 2012

Swim Time!
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  • We are getting the hang of waking up in the morning and kind of have a little routine going on.  Of course, I will be so glad to not have to do the early morning shuffle on Saturday.  Graham said that he was tired this morning-Oh, Graham I think we all are tired!
  • Robby took Keaton and Campbell to Nonna and Pops' house.  Keaton spent the morning drinking her bottles in Pops' lap and Campbell was busy cooking with Nonna.  They cooked the green beans that the kids snapped on Tuesday.  
  • Campbell saw a bit of the news showing that the Cars area of Disneyland had opened.  She said "I want to go there."  Nonna explained that she would more than likely get to go.  Then as more images popped on the screen she would say "I've been there" and "we go there."  My little traveler.
  • A few Reagan compliments came in today.  Ms. Olevia told Robby that Reagan is so into the singing and puppet shows.  Her guide also mentioned that she could tell Reagan was very competitive and finished a race with all her might even though they had already lost.  And the other day, someone said that Reagan was an angel-I think we might just keep her after all!
  • We went to Nonna's house to pick up the girls and they were so happy to see all of us.  We all had lunch (which the kids didn't really eat many of their green beans but I devoured all of their chicken).  Then I went to see one of my work kids for a few minutes before loading everyone up and going home.  
  • Afternoon naps for Keaton and Campbell while Robby and I tried to remove some of the dust from the living room.  Our grand plan was to work on our dusty bedroom tonight but the couch is oh so much more comfortable.
  • At supper every night the kids have been telling something that they have done during VBS.  Reagan always talks about crafts, Anderson talks about the snacks and Graham talks about the games.  They are having a blast and Graham asked if we could go to VBS next time.  I explained that of course we would go next year and he was so excited to find this out.  Of course, he has no concept of a year and probably thinks that "next year" is the same as next week. 
  • Someone asked on the way home today if we could play in the water so we ended up letting everyone tonight.  Water hose, tarp, kiddie pool and a few buckets is hours of fun for these Dennie kids.  Keaton just watched the show happening right in front of her.  Campbell was content sitting in the pool pouring and emptying buckets.  Graham started putting on a show for me while slipping and sliding on the tarp.  Reagan enjoying writing her name with the water hose in the sky.
  • And Anderson figured out that he could swing a bucket of water in circles without the water falling out.  And that worked a few times until the bottom of the bucket hit the ground and the water splashed.  And it flew directly through the air and straight onto Keaton and me.  I squealed and then laughed hysterically as poor Keaton screamed.  That poor baby must have had Sea World flashbacks!
  • When tucking Anderson in bed tonight he told me that he wanted to have a water slide for his birthday party.  I tried to explain that since his birthday is in December the water would freeze.  He thought for a minute and then asked if we could use hot water.  
  • Later I could tell people were talking upstairs and it was Reagan and Campbell.  As I opened the door, I heard Reagan yelling "it is not day time, it is night time, there is no sun" and Campbell cried back "the sun is in my eyes."  I told her I would find her some sunglasses for tomorrow.

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