Road Trip 2012-Kansas City, MO to Rogers, AR (6/2/2012)

Riding the Three Trails in Independence, MO
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Another later start this morning but that was fine and everyone enjoyed a little extra sleep-especially Keaton who slept all night long.  We went down for breakfast and the hotel was still crazy full.  It was so full and nuts in the breakfast area, that Robby said he should start asking if there are groups staying at the hotels he books.  We stood looking pitiful long enough that someone gave up their seats for us and then we started fighting the mobs to gather our food.  Even though it was so crazy, we were still able to find enough food for all of us.
After breakfast, Robby went to the room to load the stuff on the cart and I took the kids to the potty and headed to the car.  As we were walking to the car the boys went out of the door before me.  A lady started to ask them if they were waiting on their mom as I walked out the door.  She didn't see me coming and was just being polite...there is just such a difference between people in the South.  Seriously, we are so much politer down here.  A man who had been watching us unload the roof bag in Kansas City walked over and helped.  People comment on the kids.  We hold the doors open for each other.  Ah, not yet home but it already feels like we are home just being in the South.
Oh the weather today was perfect.  It was warm and sunny when we loaded the car.  Could not have been any better for the last full day of the trip.  I am actually looking forward to blazing hot weather-I have been so cold for more of our trip. Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't use the seat warmer.  Well, I did use it for a few minutes but then turned it off! 
Our first stop this morning was the town square in Independence.  As we were walking to the Truman visitor's center, we saw a covered wagon tour.  Robby knew that I had been wanting to do one so he got a brochure.  We could tell the tour man was good so we took the long tour.  It lasted about an hour and 45 minutes and when we told the kids we were going to ride on the covered wagon-their eyes lit up.  Anderson had just been saying "I wish, I just wish we could do that" while talking about the wagon.
The tour took us over parts of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails, discussed the Civil War and even had bits of Truman history in it.  Made me wish I knew more history and wonder how you can teach kids history that it sticks with them.  The guide was good with the kids and talked to them so they understood some things but he was also informative so Robby and I felt like we learned something.  The kids sat perfectly still-Anderson by Robby, Reagan by me, Campbell mostly by me and Graham mostly by Robby while Keaton sat in the stroller between us all.  We were the only ones on the tour. It was really so much fun.  At the end the guide offered to let the kids set up front with him and hold the horses reins.  Look at Campbell who never smiles on cue for pictures-see her smiling ear to ear.
We went in the Truman visitor center next.  They had one spot left for a tour of the Truman home and Robby had been wanting to go in the house for awhile so he snapped that ticket up.  The kids probably couldn't have done well in the house even though it is just a 15 minute tour.  And since the tours are limited to 8 and we are 7 we probably would have had to wait awhile.  
We walked around the town square and they were having an antique car show which just added to the small town ambiance of the day.  Then we had lunch at a pizza place on the square.  Next it was time for Robby to go to his tour so he took us to a little park the kids had seen while on our ride.  There was a wagon trail museum just down the block and around the corner that we were going to go and look out the wagons outside after playing.  Of course just about as soon as Robby drove off Graham decided that he had to potty (not the pottying that can be done in the grass).  He soon forgot about that and played while I changed Keaton, Campbell and then Keaton again.  By then Graham had to go soon so we headed to the museum.  
I was busy praying that they would let us use their restrooms since we weren't going through but they were very kind and let all of us traipse through there so they could potty.  Once back outside, we walked around a nearby train station museum, looked an old carriage and an old stagecoach.  And by that time, Anderson said that he needed to go and potty (again not the pottying that can be done behind a tree) so I did what any mom would do-checked my watch to see when Robby was going to be back.  He was soon back but I still ended taking Anderson back into that same museum to potty again. 
Oh, yes, as we were waiting on Robby, an older couple drove up to the museum.  They had a dog in their car bouncing around.  Anderson waited until the woman and man were out of the car when he announced "that old man looks like his dog."  I just walked away like I didn't know the kid!
After Robby showed back up, we pottied, took some pictures and then went to sonic for a drink.  We had heard police sirens but thought nothing of it. Then we were pulling out of the parking lot and I was busy calling names and passing out drinks when Robby said something or made some type of noises.  I looked up and not 30 feet from the van was two police officers jumping out of the cars and pulling their guns on a man.  He had something in a bag and they circled him and then pushed him to the ground with their guns still drawn.  I had expected Robby to drive off so we would not get hit by any possible stray bullets (it was on my side) but we just sat there and watched it all go down (nothing was happening on his side so I guess he thought he was safe).   We didn't leave until the man was handcuffed, 10 more police cars arrived and until the kids were well exposed to a "cops" show like experience.
On the way to Rogers, Robby and I tried to decide what we wanted to do after Disney this year.  No need to go to Savannah/Charleston again, too hot to go to the beach, to far to drive to Key West, covered Atlanta pretty good.  We finally decided on maybe a Civil War battlefield since Reagan will be talking about that in school or maybe Space Camp and the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  But none of those really excites us right now so who knows-any suggestions?
We also debated briefly if we should just drive a few more hours and get home.  Of course we wouldn't have been home until around 10 and that would just mean Robby and I would stay up crazy late unpacking and since we had told the kids we would swim, we did stop at our hotel when we made it to Rogers.
Our bit of excitement in the car this afternoon was when a big mosquito eating type bug appeared in the car.  Reagan and Anderson would squeal "Mommy, Mommy" and then forget about it all and watch the movie and then we would hear them squeal again.  Finally I had to go and kill that bug for them-and they thought it was incredible cool there was a little bug leg left on the ceiling of the car when I was finished.
At the hotel, we unpacked and started our laundry.  Then we all went swimming-we had told the kids that we would swim and we did.  But it was cold, cold, cold in that pool.  We were finally able to enjoy it and they had a blast jumping in and letting us catch them.  We ended by all setting in the hot tub.  Then back to the room for showers and supper (at 8:30)-we are city folk now, eating late!
During their supper, Robby turned on a Backyardigans for the kids.  I said a few days ago that it was like crack for kids.  But I seriously, think that if I ever hear another Backyardigans I am going to jump out of the car!!  I need some earplugs!

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