June 22, 2012

All Smiles!
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  • Campbell fussed around 1 this morning and I must have been a bit awake because I scurried up the stairs to get there before she woke up Graham.  Of course, those two light sleepers often wake each other up.  Campbell was sound asleep but Graham was now the one whining when I opened the door.  I decided to lay with Graham for a few minutes but woke at 6 when Campbell was whining.  Graham's bed is so comfy and Graham is the perfect little cuddle muffin so I had slept very well.  But now I jerked Campbell out of bed and brought her downstairs to my bed so she didn't wake Graham back up.  She then slept until 7 and we were joined later by Anderson.  Graham and Reagan slept quite a bit longer than everyone else.
  • I can't exactly tell you what we did all morning long.  We did finish Mr. Popper's Penguins, I cleaned some, the kids played in the toy room and that really was about it.  The new thing that they enjoy playing is "Sonic."  Everyone likes being the "slushy girl" or the "slushy boy" who takes the drink orders and then passes them out.  
  • Once while I was sitting in the hall way doing laundry, I overheard Anderson say "I will be the daddy okay?" and then he continued with "let me take your picture and then we will eat pizza."  Ha!  That is Robby-taking pictures and eating pizza!  Funny, funny.
  • At lunch, I pulled out 4 muffin trays and filled them when different finger foods for the kids.  And if this wasn't fun enough, I even passed out toothpicks.  They ate most things but when I added that I would give them an m&m for each empty muffin cup, they really went to town eating.  Just about everyone received all 12 of their m&ms.
  • This afternoon I had everyone do their chores and read Anderson's list to him and told him that he had to clean the bathroom counter and sink.  He said that he loved doing that (and I thought that I should add that to his list a few more times).  This evening when Robby was tucking Graham in he asked me what had happened to the mirror.  I assumed that Anderson had also cleaned it (with his toothpaste-full, dirty from the bathroom cabinet towel) and indeed he had.  As I was tucking him in, I told him thank you for doing the mirror.  He said "it doesn't quite look right, does it?"  I told him that it looked just fine to me-sweet little boy.
  • Eventually this afternoon, the kids decided that they wanted to go outside.  They played outside until it was time to leave tonight.  I gave everyone popsicles outside and Campbell followed me inside once.  She was so sticky on her face and legs that there was a layer of dirt that just clung to her.  I washed has as well as I could in the kitchen sink with the sprayer-and she loved every minute of it.  Too bad, I will not love it when I find that she has done it by herself later this week!
  • When she followed me in, I was on my way to check on Keaton.  That child had a 3 hour nap today and that is crazy, crazy.  She usually sleeps 45-60 in the mornings and then 1-1 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  I quietly walked in and made sure she was fine and then went back outside to push everyone on the swing.  I had told them that I would push them if they picked up the outside toys.
  • Robby came home and we went through the new part of the house-and the electricity works.  Hooray!  It is all starting to be really real to me.  I can't wait to start using my shoe racks!  After flipping on and off each and every switch in the new part, we loaded up to have Sunday lunch at Nonna and Pop's house.
  • Pops is working Sunday so we moved Sunday lunch to Friday night this week.  The food was good, the kids were well behaved and even had baths and a good evening was had by all.  On the way home, we decided to drive by the hot air balloon thing and see the balloons.  It was hard to see them tonight when they weren't lit up (they only lit up when they made the fire on them go).  But we were all able to see them and it was pretty neat.  Maybe we can go tomorrow and get out.

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