June 27, 2012

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  • So last night, Keaton again woke up as we were going to bed.  She is getting in a bad, bad habit right before our trip.  We did let her sit with us for awhile since her tummy (and therefore her bottom) aren't quite right.  After she did her business and got doctored up, we put that baby back to bed with her bottle of pedialyte and she slept all night long!  Woo hoo!
  • We had just started stirring this morning when Grannymom and I decided to meet at 9:45 so that left us an hour and a half to get ready.  Most of the kids were up and when I mentioned meeting Lilly, Cash and Grannymom at the zoo and then playing in the water fountains they were getting dressed in no time.
  • We had a few extra minutes so I had them pitch in a little around here-Reagan picked up their bedroom and closet, Anderson and Graham worked on the toy room then emptied the trash.  We walked out the door right on time (though we were still a few minutes late to the zoo-I thought we were leaving in enough time but still don't always factor in the few more miles we drive now).
  • Keaton enjoyed the fish the most at the zoo and then she went to sleep.  Campbell is at that cute zoo going stage where she tells every animal bye as we walk away.  She even cried when she couldn't see animals that the big kids could see.  Graham enjoyed seeing the snake like we saw on Swiss Family Robinson.  Anderson really enjoyed feeding the fish and for some reason was excited about the reptile house.  Reagan seemed to enjoy all of the animals-I will have to ask her which one was her favorite.  
  • Then we drove to the new splash place at Fair Park.  First we had our lunch and then let the kids play.  We made it clear that they could not play on the rocks-wet feet on wet rocks-no way.  They all really enjoyed playing in the water even though it was crazy crowded.  At first it took the kids a while to start playing but when it was time to go they were playing hard.  
  • Thankfully no one fell but we did have one minor (or maybe not so minor) accident.  Before everyone got in the water area Reagan and Campbell walked to a tunnel with their shoes off.  It was the squishy ground covering and it must have been hot-very, very hot.  I looked up and heard Campbell crying and ran to get her.  Reagan felt the hot and rushed on off of it but Campbell's instincts are not that mature and she stood there crying too long.  By the time I made it to her she was off but she most have stood still for a bit because the balls of her little feet are pretty burned.  
  • She played only for a few minutes in the water and then her feet started bothering her and she never went in again.  I did splash her feet a few times and tried to have her stand in the stream of cold water.  That poor child-she was tired from walking at the zoo (I forgot my double stroller) and she was in pain!  At home, she crawled around the house most of the afternoon.  We put bandages and a bit of medicine on them which she left on for a few minutes.  Later in the evening she did walk around on her heels pushing her stroller.  Tonight those little blisters are all filled up-its gonna be pretty nasty!  Nasty looking is fine as long as it doesn't hurt her too much.  
  • I did some high speed packing this afternoon and got most everything finished.  For Disney we have a certain color to wear each day and I laid out the kids color coordinated shirts.  Just shirts for 4 days and that is 20 shirts. Seriously, 20 shirts plus shorts, socks, underwear, bathing suits-it all just adds up.  I guess families of 7 don't travel anywhere lightly.  
  • The kids were resting while watching a movie in my bedroom.  The boys were on the bed and the girls were laying on the floor.  Oh at least 3 electricians were working around the house (one on the eve lights and they just look wonderful) and the others were trying to figure out why one light wasn't working.  So they went up in the attic to do a little bit of work.  They had been in and out of the attic and up and down hallways that I had pretty much forgotten they were here...that is until I was walking in my room to check on the kids and I heard boom and dust starts falling from the ceiling.  I looked up in time to see a one foot hole come down.  Thankfully my electrician didn't fall but now we have a hole in the ceiling of our bedroom.  
  • You would not believe how big all of the kids eyes were-one man's knee crashing through the ceiling, another man yelling and then one opening the door and more yelling.  And the yelling wasn't quite family approved words!    I just turned to quickly walk out of the room and then wondered if I should gather the children so nothing/no one else would fall on them.  I went and whispered to Robby what had happened and then snuck back in my bedroom to collect the kids and move them to safety in the living room.
  • We had supper and then got busy on taking the kids pictures and cutting the boys hair.  Nonna and Pops arrived while Graham was getting his hair cut and then they all played musical chairs outside while I cut Robby's hair.  Anderson was ready to have his hair cut today-he was sweating like, well, like his daddy today and short hair will feel so much better on him.  
  • Nonna and Pops played with the kids and soon Jason came over too.  Nonna gave the girls a bath and after awhile everyone went home and we tucked the kids in.  Reagan pulled off her countdown chain for Disney-she had one more loop for tomorrow night.  I later heard them over the monitor talking about what we will do after Disney.  Anderson told everyone we were going to an airplane place and Graham wanted to know how he knew that.  Anderson said that his daddy told him.  I then reminded him that it was a space ship place and then you could hear all of the excited chatter happening in that room.  

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