June 16, 2012

A picture they may one day regret!
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  • Some mornings Graham just wakes up in a bad, bad mood and today was one of those days.  Instead of coming happily to our bed, he just screamed for me until I groggily made it up the stairs.  So I thought I could lay down with him but after a minute of that he was up and to the toy room.  I then got Campbell and tried to get her to lay with me but she soon left.  Down came Anderson's feet from the top bunk and he was off.  I tried to lay there for a few more minutes and was about to crawl to Reagan's bed to realize that she had gotten up and left too.
  • Graham's mood quickly improved but Anderson's mood quickly declined.  There was a massive power struggle over the lincoln logs.  We were eventually able to solve the issue and I headed downstairs only to be greeted by Reagan a few minutes later who was crying over a small amount of lincoln logs.  Seriously, 3000 toys upstairs and they are fighting over 3 short lincoln logs on a Saturday morning before 8!  
  • After breakfast, Robby headed outside and my plan was to also head outside.  Of course, I had to finish feeding Keaton, lightly clean the kitchen, help Graham with his shoes, change Campbell's clothes, change Keaton's clothes and then get myself ready-so I made it out around lunch!  Kidding, it was a bit earlier than that.
  • We worked on cleaning up after the tilers and a bit of raking.  Robby mowed and weed eated along with a few tractor rides.  Keaton even took her first tractor ride today and seemed to enjoy it.
  • Campbell and I did come in briefly this morning to make the ice cream for tonight.  She was all about helping me and I called Nonna to ask an ice cream questions.  While I was talking to Nonna, I was busy opening up small butterfingers and Campbell was beside me eating those butterfingers as fast as I could open them.  I didn't notice this until I hung up and we just about had vanilla only ice cream!
  • The kids played outside until the were a filthy mess and we needed to give them all baths.  So we came in, had lunch and cleaned everyone up (for the first time today).  Keaton and Campbell had their naps and the rest of the kids played in the toy room.
  • Anderson had been asking all day long when Cash was going to get here and all of the kids were just beside themselves when everyone started showing up tonight-Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Pops, Jason, Dana, Lilly and Cash.  We had a bit of excitement as the delivery people brought our new washer and dryer over.  The plan is for Robby and a few of his closest/strongest friends to help get it into place soon-hopefully before the painters return!
  • Tonight was had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and baked beans for supper.  As we were getting it ready the kids spent their time playing chase upstairs.  We have 2 acres out there and they are play chase upstairs in two bedrooms?  Just doesn't make any sense.  
  • Speaking of not making any sense-Anderson and Graham came downstairs in princess dresses tonight to show everyone.  How in the world did Reagan and Lilly talk them into the that.  Cash had enough sense not to dress up but Campbell was proud of herself for dressing up with those boys.  Anderson had a bit of trouble getting his dress off so I told him that it might be stuck and he might have to wear it to church in the morning and that very much worried the boy!  Which it should have and I hope the thought of wearing a dress to church (or anywhere for that matter) will always worry my boys!
  • The kids then went outside to play in the dirt.  They worked very hard on a hole-even brought out the grown up shovels.  When Dana said it was nearly time to go someone replied "we haven't reached the bottom yet."  Not sure if they meant the bottom of the dirt pile or the bottom of the earth.  
  • Before everyone left, we did another coke/mentos geyser and it was just as entertaining to the kids tonight as it was the first time.  After the eruption there was an odd kid fight over drinking the hot/half empty/mentos full coke.  It was like they had never had coke-very odd.  Maybe next time we should let them have something to drink first.
  • Jason brought chalk over so after everyone left, my crew worked on the driveway-trains, girls, more trains, tracks and tic tac toe were all played.  Earlier when the kids first started playing with the chalk, Keaton sat on the ground and tried to dribble a basketball-not really dribble but she would just hit that ball.  I tell you, she is brilliant.  She even stopped eating her beans tonight so she could save room for ice cream-Grannymom's ice cream, my ice cream, Grannymom's ice cream and then more of mine.  Absolutely brilliant!
  • Back inside for baths (again!) and then to bed.  Since Graham and Campbell had a nap they were pretty rowdy.  Graham said that he was scared and then he was cold.  I bought the cold one but I didn't buy the scared excuse. I did make sure he was warm and gave him another animal and that worked a bit.  But when I told him to think about Donuts for Dads tomorrow in his Sunday school class that really worked!

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