June 15, 2012

Peanut Butter Sandwich - YUMMY!
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  • Last day of VBS and in the car on the way to church Graham explained to me that they were collecting money for the "old kids."  This did throw me for a loop until he continued talking about the "old kids" needing wheelchairs and walkers.  I finally realized that Graham thought that the kids needing wheelchairs and walkers were old since the people he normally sees in them are old people.  I tried to explain but then decided that was a bit pointless so I just smiled and tried to make a mental note to point out some kids who aren't old but still have wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Keaton and Campbell spent the morning swimming at Grannymom's house.  They had a blast in the kiddie pool and played so hard that Keaton fell sound asleep during lunch.  When we came in this afternoon, Campbell's first words to us were "I sit on the stool" and "Keaton and me swim outside."  That little stinker was making sure that her brothers and sisters knew that she sat on the stool during lunch (only 2 stools so they are pretty coveted) and that they swam.
  • Of course, the others were not going to be left out so after lunch, everyone changed and played in 4 inches of water for nearly an hour.  And really probably 4 inches is an overestimate-probably more like 2 inches!  Whatever keeps them happy!
  • So as we were driving up to the house, there were quite a few cars parked at the "skinny window house."  We have figured that their live in grandma passed away (ambulance and then obituary clued us in).  Graham immediately started asking why the cars were there.   I explained about their grandma and guessed that they were probably having lunch.  Graham then asked if they were having lunch at our house.  I said no, because we don't know them at all.  He then said "but our table is all made."  So that left me thinking again-the kitchen table was not set but as we drove around the house, I saw the picnic table-covered with the tarp they played on yesterday.  To Graham that blue tarp was a fancy tablecloth set for the grieving family next door.  
  • I think I like VBS afternoons-the kids are exhausted and nap, play quietly or veg out in front of the tv.  Usually I don't get anything done in the afternoon since I am tired myself but after sitting in VBS all day I am ready to go in the afternoons.  I think this is because VBS was easier than working in the house and chasing kids all morning is.  So these afternoons, I have gotten quite a bit done-not alot but more than usual.  
  • When Robby came home we all headed out to Chikfila.  The kids enjoyed the sliding and playing but they really enjoyed the ice cream!  After that Robby ran into the grocery store while we sat in the car and watched a movie.  Once home, it was bedtime for all.  
  • The kids were so tired but I heard someone fairly early in the evening and went upstairs to check.  Of course, it wasn't anyone up there but I did stir all of them.  Reagan said "what are you doing in here?" Anderson said "why are you here?" and everyone asked me similar questions-I just didn't feel welcomed at all!  But I am glad that I didn't wake them all up too much!

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