June 24, 2012

Dennie Water Park Now Open
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Anderson only had one thing on his mind this morning and that was obvious by him asking me multiple times during church "is it almost over?"  What was on his mind-the water slide waiting for him at the house.  I am surprised that we got that poor child out of the house this morning he was so ready to slide.
  • In Reagan's Sunday school class, they were talking about vegetables and Reagan crafted the neatest looking tomato out of play doh.  Her teachers were so impressed that they let her show me.   Meanwhile, Keaton was down the hall eating her name tag.  She must have eaten enough that her teachers felt the need to tell the worship care people to let me know.
  • Graham and Campbell went home early with Robby to start blowing up the water slide-yes, this activity was so big in the life of a Dennie kid that it was worth missing church for!  Don't worry, they had already had Sunday school and we didn't have worship care.  
  • I picked up Reagan and Anderson from their classes.  Anderson's teachers told me that they were discussing right and wrong today.  One of the questions they asked was "what do you do when your dad is at work and your mom is in the shower and then the doorbell rings?"  Most of the children answered the predictable "not open the door" but my Anderson's answer was different.  He said "I have to open the door so we don't miss the box man."-I guess the UPS and Fedex men do come alot to our house lately.  But maybe we should go over the basic safety rules again!
  • More torture for Anderson ensued next-I had to take him, Reagan and Keaton to Home Depot on our way home to pick up a few doorstops for the trim man who was working at the house.  When we made it home, Campbell and Graham were standing at the door in their bathing suits and before I unloaded the car Anderson and Reagan were already in their bathing suits.
  • Just as the kids climbed into the water, Grannymom and Grandpa drove up to watch the spectacle.  I tell you, those Dennie kids had a blast.  We let them play until after 2-stopping only because we had not yet had lunch.  They splashed and slid-they truly had the best time.  At first Campbell needed a bit of help from Reagan to get up the slide but by the end she was up and down it just as fast as the boys.  At one time, Reagan was screaming that the water was "hot lava" and that they couldn't touch it.  
  • Keaton watched for a bit and then she was ready to play as well.  She splashed around on the tarp sans swimsuit or even swim diaper.  Then she moved on up to the pool-it would have been nice if she would have sat in one place but she just scooted and crawled herself from the shallow part where she had been placed to the deeper part and spent her time trying to grab leaves or grass floating in the water.
  • We did finally stop to let the kids eat and then they rested in the house for awhile. Keaton is the only one who rested-I even let Campbell miss her nap for this big day!  Grannymom and Grandpa helped work on the garage and break down lots of boxes.  I worked in the kitchen and then helped everyone but Anderson put the pins on their Disney lanyards.  (Though none of the backs stay on the pins as well as I think they should-I feel like we will loose alot of pins).  
  • Before too long, it was time for popsicles and then more sliding.  They could have played all evening long.  But we eventually thought they needed to eat again-seriously, they eat all of the time!  Robby (for some reason) gave them the choice if they wanted to have a popsicle or supper first.  Surprisingly, Graham was the only one who picked the popsicle first but after eating that he gobbled down his supper as the others were starting on their popsicles.  
  • I showered everyone off tonight and before I knew it all 4 of the big kids were in the same shower and Keaton was on the floor at the edge of the shower.  4 in the shower-here is how it is done.  Everyone was in a line, I put soap on the first one in line, shouted "next" as the first went to the end of the line and they all moved up.  All of the kids thought this was hysterical so it continued as I rinsed them, rinsed them again and then got them out of the shower.  
  • Laundry and a few books before bed time and water sliding all day long must make kids tired because they were exhausted tonight!

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