June 12, 2012

Busy day and worn out...
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  • I woke up this morning thinking that it was 9'o'clock on Saturday morning so I was a little depressed as I stumbled to the shower realizing that it was day 2 of VBS!  The kids knew it was the second day of VBS and that must have been why Campbell and Graham were up before 6:30.
  • We were still laying in bed when Campbell heard the tile layers in my new bathroom (just steps from my bed) talking this morning.  Campbell immediately started shouting "where'd my Daddy go?" thinking it was her daddy out there talking.  She was not happy that her daddy was outside without her-he wasn't but explaining that to her was another story.
  • Well, I almost did it-the thing I worry quite a bit about...left a kid!!  We were loading up the car this morning and Robby had already left.  I told everyone to go to the car.  I had made at least one trip carrying bags to the car.  Then I went back in for one last load and locked the door as I was leaving.  I think I only made it a few steps before remembering sweet, little Keaton sitting in her high chair.  I hope that I would have remembered her when I buckled everyone in the car or maybe Reagan would have said something.  At least the tile men were here so she wouldn't have been alone.
  • I dropped off Keaton and Campbell at Nonna's house.  Campbell knows that the big kids are having a lot of fun at VBS and knows that she is missing out on something.  She wasn't too pleased when it was time for me to leave-she just stood by Nonna with the most pitiful look on her face.  She didn't cry but just looked pitiful.  Anyway, back inside she was busy all morning helping Nonna make cupcakes.  When we had them for lunch, he was so proud of her cupcakes and the sprinkles on top.
  • On our way to church, we drove by the rock out front this morning.  Nonna had read the story about Joshua and the rocks in a Bible story book to Graham and then the VBS story yesterday was about it too.  Graham said that same thing that Reagan said about Mt. Rushmore-it's not as big as I thought it would be.  
  • Everyone loves going in their VBS class.  Though that stinker Anderson wasn't going to sit at my table today.  He walked straight toward Austin and wanted to sit with him.  He did eventually make it to my table-at least Cash wanted to sit with me.
  • After I picked everyone up, we had lunch at Nonna's house and then I snuck off to see one of my work kids.  After driving there, unloading my stuff, finding his class-he wasn't there!  Ha!  Oh, well at least Keaton and Campbell were happy to see me back at Nonnas.
  • Eventually, I was able to load everyone up to come home.  Graham had a bit of a fit on the way out so I told him that he would have to rest at home.  I put Keaton down in her room (also known as the school room or the tv room-that is why the kids never know which room I am talking about).  Campbell took her nap in her room (also known as the bunk room! ha!)  And I made Graham lay down in the toy room.  That left Reagan and Anderson who were playing the ipad.  We had tilers in my bedroom and in the living room so I gave them the choice of sitting in the kitchen or on the steps.  Ha!  
  • Before too long, everyone was awake and we were headed to pick up Robby for supper.  We were on Lawson when I pulled over-one of the kids in the back had put some money in their mouth.  Seriously, then they said someone else had money in their mouth too.  No, not Graham and Campbell but Reagan and Anderson.  I solved that by taking all of their money away!
  • We ate at the "peanut place" and Campbell loved dancing in her booth while eating her rolls.  Reagan loved eating the peanuts and left with her two fists clenched full of peanuts.  Anderson was the most interested in coloring his picture today, Graham was on his best behavior while Keaton would make her little mad noise at me if I didn't keep the food coming fast enough.
  • On the way home, we stopped to get gas.  Robby was beside me filling up his car and also pumped my gas.  As I was getting ready to leave, Graham was a bit concerned.  He asked "did Daddy, unhook our gas?"  Of course this caused me to double check and then triple check that yes, we were properly unhooked.
  • So we didn't have any pictures of the kids today-I had completely forgotten.  I went to take pictures of the kids. After taking 5 pictures of Anderson, then trying to close his mouth, he muttered something and rolled over!  No wonder he doesn't want to sit at my table during VBS!

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