June 6, 2012

I'm swinging!
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  • Campbell joined Robby and I in our spot in the living room last night.  We were sleeping in there because the paint fumes from our room was just too much.  She had cried a few times and again complained of her ear.  She also kept telling me that the sun was in her eyes and since I couldn't really solve that problem I just brought her down to sleep with us.
  • Most everyone stirred before I did this morning but I eventually had to wake Reagan up for breakfast.  Everyone else was getting antsy and ready to eat.  I have started reading them "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and they are so into it.  Graham even asked for me not to read any while he is spending the night at Nonna's house tomorrow.
  • We really didn't do a whole lot today and it was just wonderful.  The painters were here early this morning, the repairman came for my windshield and the schwann's man came.  I bought orange push ups because that was my favorite treat from the ice cream man when I was little.  After he left, we all sat on the front porch and had us one.
  • The kids acted out The 3 Little Pigs, they colored some, played legos in the bathroom (whatever keeps them busy), watched a movie, we played go fish and candyland (which Campbell played along), read a few library books and then had lunch...no wonder I was tired this afternoon.
  • We did have a later lunch so the afternoon did fly by.  Keaton wasn't happy about me putting her down for her afternoon nap and was quite for only a bit before she woke up and started fussing again.  Anderson saw the neighbor boys outside so he bolted outside.  I feel like I need to be outside when he isn't in our yard so Keaton and I went out and then I woke Campbell up to join us.  By the time Robby made it home, everyone was outside playing.
  • We had supper out there and I ran to church for a bit to decorate for VBS.  The kids had showers while I was gone, a bedtime snack and everyone went to bed without too much of a fuss.  Robby told me that the girls were waiting up on me-I forgot about going up there and they are probably asleep by now!

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