June 10, 2012

Horizontal Reagan!
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  • Sunday morning and we were able to get all the kids (my 5 plus Kennedy) ready in time.  We had breakfast and then everyone worked on getting dressed.  We couldn't find one of Kennedy's doll shoes-Robby said it was fair since her dog ate Campbell's shoes last night!
  • This was our second week of no coloring during church and it went over well.  Anderson even stayed awake-wish I could say the same thing about Robby!  Ha!  We were in Campbell's class during church and she was very pleased that we were in there.  She must have enjoyed the sun because she just sat in front of the window most of the time. I tried to encourage her to notice all of her friends who were pottying in her class but she seemed oblivious to my not-so-subtle hints.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house this afternoon.  Robby was going to sneak off with Graham a few minutes before the rest of us but Campbell heard and decided she was going to go.  Then Anderson came running down the hall wanting to go too.  By that time I had thought there wasn't room for Anderson and started picking up and heading out.  Anderson did manage to squeeze in with Robby so it was just Reagan, Keaton and me who headed home with me.
  • At home, Campbell had a nap.  Keaton rolled around on the floor while I tried to nap and then I put her to bed.  Robby eventually snuck off to Campbell's room to nap and I entertained Graham who was learning a few new ipad games.  
  • This evening we had supper and I made the kids help clean-Reagan dusted and Campbell assisted, Graham swept and picked up and Anderson mopped.  Then we all picked up the toys upstairs-just to get them right back out.  We read a few books during their evening snack and finally watched a movie before bed.  Robby and I even watched it with them-it was three stories with the same exact plot!
  • After I had everyone in bed, I ran to pick up Kennedy and Austin who spent the night with us.  Kennedy slept on the way here and Austin enjoyed a milkshake.  My kids will be so thrilled to wake up and find Kennedy here and my boys will think they are dreaming that Austin is here too!

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