June 26, 2012

He's a grinner...
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  • So last night Robby and I left the couch around 11 but didn't make it to our bed until 12.  He ended up tightening the kitchen bar stools and I did the dishes and straightened the kitchen.  Keaton must have heard us in the kitchen and woke up.  She laid with us and watched my tv show while Robby read the paper in bed.  After putting Keaton to bed, I watched one more tv show (knowing I probably shouldn't).  Anyway, it was around 1:30 when I turned off the tv.
  • About 30 minutes later, I heard Keaton.  Her tummy has been a bit upset which has led to bad, very, very bad diaper rash on that child.  Since it was 2 and she was pretty worked up, I checked on her and she was in fact dirty again.  I changed her and held her until she went to sleep and until I had to get up to go to the bathroom.  Within minutes, her diaper was dirty again and we headed to the living room for the long haul.  I gathered diapers, wipes and the diaper creme and Keaton and I laid down on the couch.  We slept until after 4 and I laid her down again. 
  • Since I was up so late last night it meant that the kids naturally wake up early-before 6:30.  Even Reagan was up and she is always my last one to wake up.  I got over my foul mood about having to be up so early and started making breakfast for everyone before getting my shower.
  • Then we headed to Nonna's house.  I went to work for a few minutes and then back home.  I had a few things to do at home and I also had a list of how long I projected each chore would take me-so I set the timer to get my stuff done and get it done quickly.  Of course the heat and air people working outside probably thought I was crazy running through the house.  I didn't quite finish cleaning my file cabinet and still have quite a bit of packing to do so those will be finished up today.
  • Addition update-we are so close to being done that I have moved my picture albums and have started using my shoe racks.  The air conditioner is now working and we are only waiting on the electrician (who I believe is a tiny bit senile), the trim guy to return with shutters, the painters for touch up, the carpet man, the shower door.  Then I need to floor moppers, bathtub cleaners, window shiners and treadmill movers to come-any takers?
  • Robby and I had lunch and then I ran to the store and finally picked up the kids.  They had lots of fun-playing outside and from how the living room looked when I walked in-they also had fun playing with ALL of Nonna's toys.  Back at home, Campbell had a nap and I worked on my file cabinet some more.  Then we cut toenails and fingernails before our trip.
  • Before I knew it, it was supper time and time for me to leave for Bunko.  I made the children a delicious supper (leftover pizza) which they ate and then they played while Grannymom and Grandpa did a few things around here.  I brought Nikki home to see the house since she was driving this way on her way home and everyone was still up.  They were happy to show her around but Campbell must have thought that I had Nonna's friend over and kept wondering why Ms. Mary was there.  Funny girl!
  • Keaton update-the cereal for breakfast and lunch didn't bother her tummy but the food that I laid out for Robby to feed her tonight sure did.  Her bottom is still bad, very, very bad.  I may see if I can leave her little tush uncovered tomorrow.  She doesn't act like she feels bad and has been her happy self today.  She is sleeping well right now and hopefully will all night long.

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