June 23, 2012

Pin Preparation!
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  • Keaton was the first one who was up this morning-I guess all of her naps yesterday finally caught up with her.  That was fine because she just laid drinking her bottle.  Before 8, we had already gotten alot done-dishes, breakfasts and Robby was headed to pick up our freezer and fridge.
  • Most everyone had on their clothes and some of the house was straight when we Jason, Grandpa and Robby arrived with the freezer and fridge (which is now filled with popsicles, 5 gallons of milk, boxes of juice boxes and many cokes.  It is a happy freezer again!  And since Jason was there, before he knew what was happening he was helping lift our new washing machine over the 4 foot foot shower.  If you were wondering, washing machines are a tad bit heavy.  We made it over the wall with no lost fingers or no muttered curse words!
  • Then the Hunters came over delivering a blow up water slide.  They had finished with it and thought that our kids would love it.  And the kids haven't even used it and they already love it.  The plan was to blow it up this afternoon but our errands lasted longer than planned so they wouldn't have had long to play.  So we bribed them with Sonic drinks to wait until tomorrow after church where they could play all afternoon long.  Surprisingly, everyone understood what we were asking and were fine with waiting-tonight I was asked if we were playing with the water slide tomorrow and when I said yes squeals came from all 4 sides of their bedroom.
  • Next up, was driving to War Memorial to see the balloons.  Jason came with me while Robby We did see them last night but thought we would go again-but those silly balloons weren't there this afternoon.  I still paid to park and we walked around a bit.  We did scope out the playground and water park.  Playground good for a bit older kids than mine and really good for no one on such a hot day.  But the kids had a blast on the slides and climbing but they were so hot.  The water area looks good as long as you don't try to climb while wet (just a little Dennie word of warning to you).
  • We then ran to a few Wendys while Robby was across town running to a few Burger Kings.  We me, shoved everything in a diaper bag and went to the last mystery shop stop to eat our lunch.   Then a quick run to Home Depot for a switch, to Grannymom's house to pick up the camera and then to the grocery store for some much needed milk.  Finally, to Sonic for the kids and to home.
  • Keaton and Campbell had a nap while the others watched a movie.  Robby and I straightened the addition all but the garage.  We need the burn ban to be lifted so we can have a fire and get rid of all of these boxes-lots and lots of boxes.  After we finished, it was time for the kids to pick out their Disney pins.  We decided to let them trade pins at Disneyworld this year.  Reagan really gets it and is so excited about this.  She could hardly wait to pick out her pins.  We just got a big log from ebay so they had all kinds of pins.  We let them each pick 3 that they liked and then we just passed the rest out-they have to have some that they want to trade.  Oh they were all so happy to do this and Campbell woke up just in time to pick hers out.  She saw some that were princesses and would squeal "princess!"
  • Then it was time to load up and head to the Stotts' house.  As soon as Anderson walked in he asked about the cars and before long their living room was filled with polly pockets and matchbox cars-a delight for Keaton!  We had a delicious supper and then we finally let the kids out the door to go swimming.  Reagan busied herself with going underwater to wave at Kennedy and trying to turn a flip-which she finally succeeded at doing.  Anderson and Graham spent their time playing with the rings.  Neither one of them seem to be too scared of briefly going under the water.  And Campbell spent her time trying to swim away from Mike.  
  • After we had dessert, got the kids out of the pool and came back inside to get them dressed-their dogs came in the house by surprise.  Graham and Reagan were sitting at the bar eating and just climbed up on top of the bar.  Anderson was in the living room and jumped up on the couch.  I was near the door and instead of helping Jodee with the dogs, I scooped Campbell up and put her on the bar with the others.  Keaton was fine in the floor since she hasn't learned to be afraid of the dogs like the others.  Tonight there were no hysterical screams so that was a good thing.  Those poor little puppies are going to be so terrified of our kids-whenever we are around they are always being grabbed and thrown back outside.  
  • Once home, Graham and Keaton was asleep and everyone was put to bed fairly quickly.  When we climbed out of the car, Anderson asked "what is that noise?"  The crickets here are crazy loud-must be cricket mating season or something.  
  • And finally today, a few minutes ago Robby called me to the window saying he couldn't tell if some creature outside was a raccoon or a skunk.  We looked and looked and decided it was a skunk.  After watching it for awhile it moved and then moved again and we could tell that we had spend quite a bit of time watching a cat out of the window

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