Disney or Bust! June 29, 2012

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I guess I left off last night around 2 so here is the rest of the day.  It was pretty quite in the car until Anderson started snoring.  I had never heard that child snore like that-worse than a grown man.  He has done this in the past when Graham cried to us that Anderson was growling at him.  He snored a few times and I eventually moved him around so he would stop.  This does involve me climbing to the back of the van and doing my best not to wake any of the sleeping kids.  
At 3:15, Grannymom and Grandpa called-they had woken up for the day and were calling to check on where we were in our journey.  Around 4, Campbell did wake up long enough to say "it's dark in here."  Overall, I think that everyone slept pretty well-at least from 11 until 5.  Time change happened at the perfect time for me. It was around 3:30 and I was dreading how much more we had to drive and then we crossed the line and it was then 4:30 which meant it was almost starting to be daylight.  Somewhere during this time, we stopped for our second gas stop.  Of course our stop woke up the kids briefly.
That is when Graham woke up followed by Anderson who said "good morning" and then closed his eyes again.  Campbell started in with "cock a doodle doo" which is funny because I really don't think she knows a rooster crows in the morning.  
At 6, Pops called to check on us.  We had done pretty well staying awake.  I drove right after Atlanta and Robby was able to get a bit of sleep.  I had snoozed for a minute before then so I was awake-but the liter of coke and half pound bag of candy helped too!  At 6:30 we stopped for breakfast-we were about 90 miles from Florida.  So in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel the kids changed out of their pajamas and into their clothes.  (Graham's clothes that I was drying were not nearly dry nor would they have been wearable since they were still quite smelly even though I thought I had washed them sufficiently.)  
The kids all had pancakes and Keaton had my yogurt and anything else that we would give her.  This traveling must make them hungry.  Reagan made a keen observation at the restaurant.  She said that some waitresses don't look like they enjoy their job-and our today would have fallen into that category.  I hope she thinks that I enjoy my "mom" job when she looks at me.  Of course everyone pottied at Cracker Barrel which is pretty impressive that we can all make it past Atlanta with only one potty stop.  It did help that it was nighttime and the kids were mostly sleeping.  
Keaton then had a diaper misfire after we had been back on the road for only a few minutes.  This all happened while we were changing hotels-we decided that we should just drive the 90 more miles to Orlando today and not wait until tomorrow-plus we would have arrived at that hotel at 12 and that would have made for a very, very long day.  Back to Keaton's diaper-man it was everywhere.  Robby took the others to the bathroom and left me to deal with the mess.  At one point I turn around and a man was waiting to walk past me to get into his car.  No telling how long he had been waiting and watching me wipe poop off of Keaton and her seat.  Good thing I brought that Fabreeze because it sure has come in handy over the last two days.  
We passed out little sticker books as a reward and then did a quick driver switch.  Anytime we stop the car like this, everyone starts stirring-it is just like when I say that I am going to use the phone or potty.  Everyone could have been quite for an hour but when I say this they all need me and have a zillion questions for me.  About an hour from Orlando, we had another gas and potty stop.  
After that potty stop, Robby tried to start a movie from his i-something or another.  Well, it didn't work-seriously, our car is falling apart.  I am secretly hoping that he forgot to do something but doubt that is the case.  We still had plenty of DVDs to watch but now we were unable to watch the Backyardigans-hmm, that really wasn't too big of a loss!  But still why didn't it work.  
We made it to Orlando around 1:30 and had all gotten a second wind.  The kids were talking about the characters at Disney World and Anderson said "you know they are just humans dressed up."  That just breaks my heart but maybe I can now use that to my advantage..."well, son that line is so long and since they really are just humans dressed up, we can skip it."
We tried to check into our hotel early but they held pretty fast to the 4 o clock and that was fine since we headed across the street to Cici's pizza.  The pizza was fine but there is nothing Disney Worldish about Cici's pizza.  It just kind of killed the magical mood that was building!  Next door to Cici's pizza was some type of store selling Disney merchandise (probably knock off stuff) but I did grab an autograph book for the boys to share.  
Since we had more time to kill, we headed to Ikea-well, wow, we were staying just a few miles from it.  What a coincidence.  The plan had been to get nightstands for our bed but the ones we had seen before seemed so much larger this time and since we had never measured we passed.  But I did find my baskets for my front bench and my spice racks to be used as bookshelves.  I even found a knife rack to use to hang up matchbox cars on-but I didn't buy it because I didn't know where to hang it.  I couldn't think of a good place for this to go-maybe I will be back to another ikea soon!
Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to the kiddie area.  They enjoyed playing on the climbing wall, playing in the balls and of course Reagan did alot of coloring.  Campbell stayed with us and she had a blast-since she was the only one who could walk, we let her walk along with us.  She just thought she was something else and talked the entire time (just as she is talking now even though they are in bed).

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