June 4, 2012

Getting her "cheese" on...
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  • Keaton and everyone else slept great last night-we slept all the way until 8 when we heard Graham and Campbell on the monitor.  Robby got up and hurried along when he saw that what time it really was.  We had gotten so used to being in vacation mode that we didn't even think about setting an alarm clock.
  • We had our breakfast and did a little bit of work this morning when Jodee and Kennedy came over.  Kennedy played with everyone and then ended up getting to stay all day to play.  Anderson so wanted to go back to Jodee's house and play and just cried when I told him he couldn't!  
  • The kids entertained themselves most of the morning long.  They played "family" pretty much all day long-I was once told I was the old lady, I was also the waitress and at one time I think I was the matador watching over a bull.  After I had seen no less than 30 different dress up dresses come up and down the stairs, I made everyone pick up. After that we read a story and had lunch.  
  • Reagan and Kennedy played family most of the afternoon without the boys.  Anderson, who was in such a hurry to go to his toys this morning, lost interest in the girls "family" play and went back to his toys.  Graham stuck with them a little bit longer but also joined his brother except when I pulled the paints out.
  • Keaton did so well getting back on her schedule today-she did great going to sleep for both of her naps...or maybe it was just so noisy in the house I couldn't hear her crying.  She also almost pulled up on the fireplace today.  Pulling up is great but I sure didn't want her to do it at the fireplace.
  • My grand plan was to send the kids outside after lunch but that is when it started getting dark and eventually storming.  The thunder was loud enough that Reagan asked where we go if the thunder go too loud (tornado).  The afternoon flew by and before long Jodee was back picking Kennedy up and bringing some Key Lime Pie (which the kids had for dessert and then Anderson cleaned up what Robby and I hadn't already eaten).
  • Baths for everyone-half before supper and the other half after supper.  And then it was bedtime-this real life stuff is tiring.  Vacations are so much easier!

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