June 7, 2012

Celebrating Grant's birthday with a swim party!
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Graham was the first one up this morning and it was before 7. All he could think about was playing games on my phone and if today was the day for Grant's party and to spend the night with Nonna.  I could only muster a mumbled no, yes and yes to his questions.
  • I went to work for a few minutes this morning while Robby worked from home.  Right before it was time for them to go, he had a conference call.  So he went outside to talk while everyone else went upstairs to get ready for swimming.  Reagan is getting so good at helping Campbell with things and when Campbell wants help they really make a great team. Everyone was downstairs and in their swimming suits when Robby finished his call.
  • They met me at Grant's party and the kids loved playing on their jumpy but Anderson was the first one to get into the pool.  He couldn't wait and kept asking me when people were going to get in.  Finally, I told him that he could go on and he certainly did.  After swimming for awhile, the had pizza and cupcakes-my crew had seconds and at least one of them said that they had thirds!  (I didn't see that happen though or I might have stopped it-maybe, they were pretty good cupcakes though)
  • Keaton sat in the stroller and watched all of the action.  Campbell, who has been hanging on to the steps when swimming, was a little braver before lunch.  She would go a few feet away from my legs (I was sitting on the edge) but she still managed to get her mouth full of water and I would have to hook her with my toe and bring her to me.  After lunch, she said "I want to get in there" and she was off.  That child went everywhere around the pool and figured it all out.  
  • After the party, we dropped Graham off at Nonna's house and he was so excited.  He went right on inside to change his clothes and didn't even come out to tell me bye.  He had a short nap this afternoon and then went to Chuck E Cheese with Nonna, Pops and Jason.  That little boy had a big time.
  • Anderson was talking about Graham getting to go to Chuck E Cheese and told me that next time he wanted to go with Nonna and one of Nonna's friends to Chuck E Cheese.  I was thinking that was so nice that he really liked Nonna's friend when he added "that way I will get their tokens too and it will be more for me!"
  • This afternoon Keaton and Campbell had naps while Reagan and Anderson did a little bit of sight word work and then laid out a zillion sight word cards all around the living room.  That is something you sure can't do when Campbell and Keaton are awake.  
  • Speaking of Campbell, the other day during lunch she prayed and said "Thank you Jesus for the bear."  Pretty great that she remembered the bear and then thanked God for it.  
  • This afternoon we ran to a bank (actually two) and Anderson said "I think they have jars in there for you to put your money in."  Then we ate at Arbys along with a visit to Grannymom's and Nonna's to drop stuff off.  Back at home this evening we walked around outside for a bit and then a movie and bed for the crew-and cookies for me!

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