June 11, 2012

Educational games, right?
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  • After everyone was finally asleep at this house, no one stirred until our alarm clock went off.  I have never had a teenage boy and didn't know how long it would take to get him stirring in the morning so I woke up a bit early.  It all worked out well and we were actually all in the car (Kennedy, Austin, Reagan, Anderson, Graham and me) before 8 and Robby had already left with the little girls (Campbell and Keaton).
  • Campbell and Keaton spent the morning with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Keaton had a big time but not as much fun as she had yesterday at church when Ms. Charladean was her Sunday school teacher.  Campbell spent the morning looking over and over at Grannymom's picture albums of DisneyWorld.  She will be ready to go.
  • Everyone was so excited to go to VBS this morning.  I could hardly contain them all in the car.  After dropping everyone off in their classes, I went to my class.  I saw Cash and he was also counting down the days until Disney (nor could he believe that we were driving). Then Anderson's group came in and as always he acted perfect-just sitting down doing his craft.  Even drew a picture about the story on his paper.  I even checked on Graham whose teacher said that he was being very good and was "very smart."  That's my boys.
  • When I picked up Reagan she was talking non stop about everything she did today.  After gathering my crew, we dropped of Kennedy and Austin and then went home.  Keaton and Campbell were there waiting for us.  On the way home, Reagan said "I wish Kennedy could spend the night sometime"-what is that girl thinking sometimes?  Kennedy just spent two nights at our house.
  • Then she continued that she meant to say that she wanted to go on a trip with Kennedy and her mom and me.  She has it all planned out-we will go to the American Girl store at the Mall of America and also ride rides.  We will not have to wait because Jodee can ride the rides with Kennedy and I can ride with Reagan.  She added that we can take Daddy's car but we will have to clean it first.
  • At home we had lunch (I think Robby told me that Campbell had already had lunch at Grannymom's house but she ate again with us).  Then we worked on our Father's Day cards, watched a movie, played with the parachute and even played with the bouncy balls which is so exciting for everyone here.  Probably because I usually slip them into the trash can when I think no one is around!
  • Robby came home and at supper the kids continued to talk about VBS.  I guess everyone is excited about going back tomorrow-they talked nonstop in bed until we had to get on to them a few times!  
  • Before bed, Campbell was playing on the ipad after everyone else had had their turns.  She saw a picture of a birthday cake and sang "happy birthday Campbell"-so cute!

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