Road Trip 2012-Rogers, AR to Little Rock, AR (6/3/2012)

Look Mom, I'm standing up .. with a little help!
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Last night when Robby was taking everything out of the roof bag, he wondered aloud if it would rain.  But then decided that it wouldn't and that he wasn't even going to zip the bag up.  And since he was so hot from the unload, he only buckled two of the straps down. Who would have thought that it might rain?  Well, at 5:30 the rain and thunder must have woken Keaton up.  And I am talking RAIN and THUNDER!  So much that Robby checked the weather and I laid in bed thinking about which kid I would need to grab first if the window was to blow out.  Needless to say, the morning started off with a very wet roof bag!
After we all stirred and while I finished getting ready, Robby went out to dry the bag.  He just did a few loops in the hotel parking lot while frequently slamming on his brakes!  That certainly got the water out quickly.  We debated not even using it on the way home but we really didn't want Reagan to have to sit with a suitcase in her lap for 4 hours, so we strapped that baby down one last time for this road trip.
Not a whole lot happened on the drive.  I was driving at one point and Robby had to crawl in the back to do something-I think work on a wire.  Graham was none to pleased about this.  He told Robby "I don't like your bottom in my face."  We made our first stop of the trip our last stop of the trip as well-Braums.  Actually the kids and I pottied inside while Robby and Keaton drove through the drive through and ordered us all shakes (the diet starts tomorrow! ha!)
We made it to Little Rock and dropped all of the kids off at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  They played outside, inside, had a snack and were pretty worn out when we came to collect them.  
When we made it home, Anderson saw the neighbor boys out playing so he went over to their house for a bit.  Robby said that you wish you could just keep them in a bubble as Anderson walked over there.  And that is so true but soon Graham was going over there too which made me feel better-he is my little spy!  I asked him what was happening? what they were doing? what was said? and he reported back to me.  Actually the neighbor boys spend most of the time looking a worms in the dirt while Anderson rode their scooter and jumped on their trampoline.  
Before too long, both boys were back over here eating ice cream and then waiting on Nonna and Pops to arrive.  Campbell had fallen asleep on the way home from Grannymom's house and I couldn't wake her up for anything so she just laid in the floor sleeping until 6.  Reagan spent her afternoon playing with her American Girl and her new doll clothes.  
After supper, Nonna, Pops and Jason all came over to see the kids for a few minutes.  The kids were so excited to see them and were so proud to show off how they could name all of the starts that we went to.  When everyone Nonna and Pops left, we put the kids to bed and everyone went to sleep fairly well-except poor Keaton.  She is back to the real world now-going to bed with the others and sleeping all night.  Though she wasn't too pleased with that schedule when I put her down!  Wish her luck tonight-it will be a long night for her!

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