June 17, 2012

5 Happy Reasons to Celebrate Father's Day!
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  • Anderson was the first to wake up this morning and it is a good thing he did because the alarm setter (Robby) failed to set the alarm for us to wake up.  He probably forgot because we have been staying up late (very, very late) catching up on watching The Firm tv show.  We are still in the VBS getting ready habit so it didn't take too long-of course the Sunday morning donuts helped.  Now Anderson became irate when I told him that it was Sunday and he needed to wear a shirt from his closet and not his drawer.  It wasn't about the shirt, apparently he thought today was the VBS day at church and Father's Day but not Sunday!
  • The kids were so proud of the cards that they gave Robby.  They had each answered a few questions about Robby.  Here are a few highlights-Anderson said that Robby liked to wear his "orange and white stripped shirt" and that Daddy always tells him "a bedtime story but he never tells me one."  Reagan was pretty determined that she was not going to guess Robby's age and get it wrong.  I wouldn't tell her and she wouldn't guess so I left it blank.  Later she overheard me say his age and she tried to write it writing "30."  Getting Campbell's answers were like pulling teeth but I finally managed-after 2 days!  She said her daddy's name was "Nemo" and that she is happy when her daddy "get me."  Graham's answers were just as much fun.  He said that Robby likes "lima beans" (which he doesn't) and that he loves his Daddy because "he comes home early sometimes."
  • We celebrated Father's Day with a Sonic coke on our way to church.  As Robby finished his order, Campbell shouted "yeah"-I guess she thought she was getting a slushy and not just a sip of Robby's coke.  As we were driving to church, Anderson told Reagan "I think we have passed the church."  I guess he didn't think we knew where we were going but we did make it.  Campbell did see a tractor store on the way to church and shouted (as she always does) "My daddy needs one of those."  The kids are intent on Robby getting each and every tractor and farm equipment that they see.  
  • Graham's class had "Donuts for Dad" this morning and Grahammer was so excited.  Robby said that he was so proud to have his donut with his Daddy.  He was equally happy to get to sing with Reagan, Anderson and Cash during church during the second service.  Reagan and Anderson met their grades on the stage this morning to get ready to sing one of their vacation Bible school songs.  They were so excited about singing in big church (so excited that we have decided we should be going back to choir this next year).  
  • After the kids sang during the first service they were herded to another room for puppets, a Bible story, bathroom stops, songs and games.  By the time for the second service the kids were pretty wired-lots of 4, 5 and 6 year olds.  Everyone did calm and they all did well singing their song during second service.  Somehow though during both services, I ended up as kiddie crown control up on the stage. At least I was behind the kids but that is not where I had planned on being!  
  • Then we all went upstairs for a final VBS rally. They had door prizes and as they were calling names, Anderson asked if daddy was finished paying.  I questioned him and finally discovered that he thought Robby was paying for the prizes when he was signing up.  Poor guy was a bit disappointed when we didn't get one.  But he had soon forgotten about the door prizes when he grabbed his lunch sack-full of chips and a rice krispy treat (and the BBQ sandwich).  
  • Even though our church day was longer, we were still home earlier than usual.  The three youngest and the two oldest (that would be Robby and I) had naps.  And then we all headed outside to cut Robby's hair and play a game of baseball.  As we were playing, Campbell started crying about something though we weren't really sure what it was.  She stomped her feet, crossed her arms and shouted "I no playing anymore."  Robby and I snickered as she walked off.  She walked around the yard for a bit and then went inside.  Soon we saw her looking out the window watching us.  Eventually she came back outside and sat in the chair to watch the rest of our game.  
  • While playing, Anderson threw the ball and he thought it was about to hit Robby.  He turned to me and said "that wouldn't make a very good Father's Day" if Robby got smacked in the head.  Later that same child, took off running down the trail.  We stopped and watched him.  I initially thought he was going to potty but he came back too quick for that.  Robby asked what he had seen and then asked if he saw a bear.  Anderson said "no, I didn't see a bear, I thought I saw a human."
  • Showers for everyone and then a bit of cleaning while Robby made supper.  Don't feel too sorry for him-making supper consisted of heating up leftovers for lunch.  They handed out sandwiches at lunch and the kids barely ate anything so we brought it home for supper.  Can't beat that!  
  • Keaton is my little crawler now-she is really getting around now and can move a few feet at a time.  I tried to explain to the kids how we really had to start keeping the downstairs floor free of tiny things.  Yeah like that will ever happen.  I will have better luck at keeping mittens on Keaton so she can't pick anything up.  
  • I read the kids some books before bed.  Before bed Campbell did number two in the potty but I am just relying on Graham's account though I do think it was pretty reliable.  Reagan is very excited about this and ready for Campbell to claim the box of cookies promised to her from Grannymom.  Reagan believes that Campbell will share the cookies, I however disagree with this.  Eventually everyone settled down except Graham.  Probably it was a bad idea for me to snuggle with him and both take a long nap this afternoon.    
  • He did spend some time in bed getting his foot stuck-twice.  I ran up there one time to get his foot out and the next time Robby mosied up the stairs to help the child.  Seriously though, how do you get your foot stuck at the head of your bed twice in one night?  

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