June 5, 2012

Cowgirls got their catch...
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Campbell woke up around 3 and when I went up there she was standing in her bed screaming "I want my mommy."  So I just brought her down to our bed.  She tossed and turned for a long while and finally told me her ear hurt (and she also complained of it tonight).  She was the only one up this morning when Robby was getting ready to leave and I was in the shower.  She did better than I thought she would seeing him go.  Graham was the one today saying "I didn't get to give him a hug."
  • Yesterday, as Robby was getting ready for work Campbell laid in my bed asking "Daddy lay back by me?" so of course Robby had to lay by her for a few minutes before leaving.  And now at nap time she cries "I want a kiss from my Daddy" and is only pacified when I tell her that I will send him up when he gets home-though by that time she is already awake from her nap.
  • Everyone went to Nonna's house this morning while I went to work and then ran a few errands (and why oh why did people want to talk to me today-this must have been "national elderly people randomly talk to Tara day"-one man wanted to chat about a weather radio and then a wrong number asked me to "hang on a minute" while she told me who she was calling and what their numbers were.  I was as kind as I could be but twice in one day-kind of odd!) 
  • Anyway, the kids seemed pretty calm at Nonna's house when I left and were just as calm when I picked them up. They played with some new blocks (which are actually 34+ years old), lincoln logs, new strawberry shortcakes (again 34 years old), cars and even played outside.  I sent some paint over for them to do but they didn't even have time for that.  We had lunch over there and then headed home.
  • At home, Campbell had her nap and Keaton soon did too.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham read a story, did a workbook page, played Monopoly Jr (which lasts forever), worked on Awana verses, practiced some sight words, sang a timeline song and worked on skip counting.  (Anyone got any clues on how to memorize skip counting?  I need to find a song or two.  We never memorized that in school so I am clueless about how to do it in a fun way)
  • Soon everyone was outside-wearing cowboy hats, boots and tying Anderson up to a tree with a rope.  He started the whole deal so he was actually instruct them on how to wrap him up.  We let them play with the rope until it ended up around someone's neck and then it was put up. It was so pleasant outside this evening.
  • Then showers were next followed by supper.  Grannymom and Grandpa even came over to see everyone.  The kids worked hard on making hats for a very noisy parade right before Grannymom and Grandpa left.  Then we did everyone's monthly video and pictures.  And I don't mean to brag but my Grahammy can name just about all of the states that we went to-pretty impressive for a little 3 year old.  

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