June 21, 2012

Brickwork complete!
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Robby had to wake everyone up this morning while I was in the shower but before I made it out many were dressed and always downstairs.  We were going swimming this afternoon so I had bags and bags of stuff to carry out (remember this for later).  We were able to leave on time for my doctors appointment-it helped that the kids were pumped about swimming.  They quickly put on their shoes while Robby filled buckets of water for the brickers since the plumber had turned off the water yesterday.  
  • I dropped the kids off and they were so excited to see Lilly and Cash.  I actually never even heard what they had done all day.  Keaton did have a little nap and was content all day but Grannymom said that she just wasn't her happy self.  
  • This was the first time in a long time that when I drove to pick them up that they were happy to see me.  Seeing me meant it was time to go swimming.  I had been to a doctors appointment (blood pressure check-fine and on same meds and no, I don't have pink eye.  My eye was swollen and red and now itchy-probably allergies he said).  I also went to work to see a kid, home for a few minutes to work on my messy closet, to Target to buy my Disney colored shirts).  After I changed into my suit, we loaded up and Lilly arrived home from her VBS.
  • The pool was a huge hit with the kids.  It had a big slide that Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Cash did over and over and over.  Each one of them did it no less than 30 times-seriously.  Campbell wouldn't do the slide but she just goes where ever she wants to in the pool-without a thought as to where we are.  Keaton sat in the shallow water and played mostly, had a nap and even had lunch.   During the adults only swim, the kids ate, got more sunscreen and sat on the towels in a circle.  When we finally left, I passed out juice boxes in the car and they were all tired kiddos.  Surprisingly, Keaton was the only one who went to sleep on the way home.
  • At home they watched a few movies, did their chores plus some and then played until supper.  Then I had everyone eat and more play time.  Finally it was time to pick up all of the toys-we had let the toy room get so bad that they weren't playing in there any longer and have been taking their toys to play with in their bedroom and in the hallway.  So pick up time to quite awhile.  But at the end of it, they were rewarded with Robby reading them two stories.
  • Tonight while Robby was reading to the kids, I remembered that I hadn't taken any pictures today and went downstairs to find the camera.  I looked and looked and couldn't find it-checking all of the obvious places-living room, kitchen and car-and even the less obvious places-fridge, in between blankets, shoe bin.  I told Robby and he looked while I was tucking the kids in.  Then we both began our search-retracing our steps from last night, checking the alarm sensors to see when they were activated through the day, looking in and under everything in the house.  We both went upstairs to questions the kids-Reagan suggested I look in Robby's office and Anderson (sensing our growing panic) said that they would help me search in the morning.  
  • I knew that I had not put the camera in one of my many bags and we had found the chip from last night in Robby's computer.  I thought briefly about calling Grannymom to check and make sure it wasn't at her house but was certain I hadn't packed it today.  Just as we were feeling defeated knowing that my camera had been lifted by a worker, thrown out in our trash, taken from my car or hidden to be never found again by Campbell-just then did Robby decide to call and make sure that it wasn't at Grannymom's house.  It was!  Which only made me feel a tiny bit better-glad we found the camera but can't believe we don't remember putting it in the bag.  We were so upset over this incident that we had to make us some brownies to calm down!

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