June 25, 2012

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Rock Star Reagan
  • Just as we were going to sleep last night (around 1), we heard who we thought was Graham on the monitor.  Robby told him I was coming and I went upstairs.  It was Anderson sitting up on the edge of his bed.  He said that he had thought he had seen a grand daddy long legs in his bed.  I tried to ask if maybe he was dreaming but he was sure he was not.  So I whispered to everyone else that I was about to turn on the lights and then turned them on and started looking.  I looked pretty good and didn't see a grand daddy long legs.  I then told Anderson to lay back down and he said "I think I will put my head on this end."  Once I had him settled I went back downstairs to go to sleep myself.
  • Probably just as I was about to go to sleep, we heard him again.  He said that he felt it crawling on him-so I brushed him off and told him to come down to our bed.  We then all got settled and everyone slept all night.  Won't be much longer that we can sleep comfortably with that big boy in our bed.  
  • This morning during breakfast Anderson turned to me and asked "did Daddy run out of money?"  I told him that he didn't run out of money (as far as I know) but we do have to be careful not to waste our money.  A few minutes later, Robby walked in and I did check on our money situation.  Robby said that he told the boys yesterday that he didn't have money to go to Burger King to get Sunday morning cinna minis.
  • This morning consisted of: breakfast, Lincoln logs,  laundry, watching a movie, sweeping, coloring a few pictures, cutting coupons, playing Yahtzee and working 6 puzzles.  My plan is to move all of the games/puzzles to the bonus room closet so my goal is for us to play/work them all before I move them.  Graham probably tries the hardest at working puzzles-Reagan and Anderson quickly ask for help.  Though I was busy trying to keep Keaton from eating the pieces and Campbell from destroying the already put together puzzles.  Robby at one time bought a puzzle that had the kids pictures on it and I pulled it out today to start working.  But I eventually came to my senses and put that 200 piece puzzle up-very, very quickly.  I will save that for another day.
  • Robby came home for lunch and we gladly watched the brick men haul off our extra rocks!  Yeah!  One less thing for us to move-actually it is more like 500 less things for us to move!  They took the rocks from this time, rocks from when the house was bricked before we bought it and the extra cinder blocks.  Woo hoo!  Of course when I asked the brick man on Saturday if he wanted it, he asked if I had asked my husband's permission (um, yes, we had already talked about it and I called just to double check!-not that I need his permission!
  • We had re-aired up the water slide to let it dry out today and when the kids saw it blown up, they became so excited again (even though it was blown up upside down).  We quickly crushed their little dreams and worked on rolling that huge thing up.  It was huge, huge, huge and we were eventually able to shove it into a box!-trying to store it until we come home after this next trip.
  • This afternoon was spent block bowling, watering Belle, watching a movie, reading (Anderson to me and Reagan to a doll), more laundry, playing trucks, more coloring, snacks, putting Keaton in a pillow cage, cleaning out a file cabinet and a bit of picking up before Robby came home.  
  • On Robby's way home, he asked if I wanted him to pick up a pizza.  I told him that I would take supper out of the oven for pizza (there really was no supper in the oven-don't tell him but there really wasn't anything in the oven.)  We had our pizza and then started our movie night.
  • It took quite awhile for us to get the movie going and our first choice (Mr. Popper's Penguins wasn't available) for we watched Swiss Family Robinson since we will see their tree house at Magic Kingdom.  What kids wouldn't like that movie-water, boats, animals, a tree house and pirates!  At one time Anderson was covered with the blanket screaming "I can't watch, I can't watch, tell me when it is over."  At the end, they were all screaming and squealing as the Robinson's were fighting the pirates.  
  • They said they wanted to watch the movie again even though it was long as we went to bed.  And while Reagan was brushing her teeth, I had her telling Graham "you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, anything."  My heart was briefly proud until I heard her say "like me, I am going to be a rock star when I grow up."

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