June 9, 2012

Tractor Ride!
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  • After our late night last night, Graham was still up at 7 but he climbed onto our sleeping bags and slept for another hour.  We really didn't stir until around 8:30. And yes, we are still sleeping in the floor.  The smell was pretty much gone last night but since the sleeping bags were still out we slept on the floor one more night.
  • We didn't do much this morning-the kids played outside some but before too long Grannymom and Grandpa arrived with lunch.  Then Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell put on a show for Grannymom and I upstairs.  They were "Firefighters Singing."  Campbell did everything she was told and even participated through quite a few rehearsals.  Her part was to say "Hi, I'm Campbell" and she pretty much nailed it.  After her Graham came out to say his line but some one must have told him the wrong line, because my Graham said "Hi, I'm Anderson."
  • Graham had a princess birthday party this afternoon and on the way there he started worrying about the activities at the party.  He told me "if they dress up, please don't make me."  Ha, he was worried that they would have to wear princess stuff!  Graham was pleased that there were other boys, they made swords and even had cupcakes (what more could you want)
  • Poor Graham again has bites on his man parts and this afternoon when we got him out of the shower I sprayed some no itch spray on him.  Apparently, he had scratched his bites a bit too much and that spray hurt him.  At first I thought he was over reacting but it soon became apparent that the child was in pain!  Don't worry, it didn't last too long and he was running back outside.  Oh, the reason for his shower-he fell in the mud as we were getting ready to leave tonight.  I hosed him off first and he was so pleased with that-so pleased in fact that I think he will probably "fall" in the mud again!
  • Kennedy came home with us and as soon as we came in the door, everyone was going outside for a tractor ride.  They all had a long ride down the road and then we loaded back into the cars.  Reagan and Kennedy rode with Robby and everyone else rode with me.  We picked up Grannymom and went to McAuthur Park.
  • When we were getting in the car, I told Campbell to sit in her seat.  She told me "Reagan's seat" and I told her no, to sit in her seat.  That child looked right at me and said "My daddy told me."  She was pretty adamant that her daddy told her she could sit in Reagan's seat.  Of course, I didn't really believe her but I thought I should check and no, her daddy hadn't told her that she could sit in Reagan's seat.  
  • They were having an Arkansas Wind Symphony concert tonight to celebrate the upcoming Flag Day.  They passed out flags when we arrived, we had our popcorn chicken that Robby picked up, then ice cream that they were passing out and concluded our night with playing on the playground.  Lots of fun and we even picked up some culture along the way!  Anderson and Graham really wished that Grandpa would have been there so he could have stood when the Navy song played. 
  • So the ice cream that they passed out tonight was in the individual containers and had the little flat wooden spoons to go along with them.  The kids had not a clue what they were.  Campbell said "this not a spoon" and someone else thought it was a bandaid as I unwrapped it for them.  Maybe we need more culture!
  • Back at home tonight, we let the girls play dolls for a bit and then put everyone to bed.  Usually when we have someone spend the night, everyone gets to sleep in their sleeping bags somewhere.  But not tonight, I just cleaned up our sleeping bags and don't want to get more out!  So Kennedy is sleeping in Reagan's extra bed-among all of Reagan's stuffed animals.  It didn't take them all too long to fall asleep!

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