June 8, 2012

More swim time! Even Keaton...
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • The kids slept well today and pretty early this morning Anderson and then Campbell asked where Graham was.  Graham was already awake and going strong at Nonna' house.  They played outside and inside and before too late in the morning, Graham was ready to come back home because he missed his momma!
  • We had a pretty lazy morning but did manage to clean the baseboards before Graham came.  When G showed up we went outside to swing and play some tag before coming in.  Nonna stayed and played for quite awhile before going home
  • We then had lunch, read a few books, picked up the toy room and then put the little girls to bed.  We played some games and before we had even finished Keaton had woken up.  Her naps aren't as long as I think they should be!
  • When Robby came home it was time to load up and go to Kennedy's house to swim and eat.  The kids, Kennedy, Caleb and Will, along with the Dennie crew had a blast.  They had some hot dogs but each of mine had at least a dozen cookies!  After swimming, we went inside and the kids watched a movie while the grownups hung out (or napped!-Graham even had a nap too)  
  • We stayed out until 10:30-the latest us Dennies have stayed out in a long, long time.  The kids even stayed awake on the way home-excluding Keaton.  Oh, right before we left the puppies ran into the house and Graham screamed and then Campbell screamed until she turned red when the dog neared her.  Reagan was fine since she had climbed to the tip top of a chair.  That was the most entertaining event of the evening by far!

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