June 18, 2012

Who's going to be first?
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Anderson was the first up today and he was ready for breakfast.  I guess their tiny tummys are just starved after the night.  I usually take my shower first but felt sorry for them so I fed everyone first.
  • Before I knew it, everyone was back upstairs playing happily upstairs.  I soon was upstairs with Keaton looking for clothes for the Disney trip.  She was sitting on the floor and soon started crawling.  Yesterday, I did make a big deal about her crawling so today each and every single time that someone saw her crawling they would shout "look, Keaton is crawling, come look."  And this happened every time.  Graham would add "and this is first ever time."  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to work on the blinds and Cash came along with them.  The kids all went outside and they even ventured down to the bottom part of the yard-mine never do this but having Cash made them brave enough.
  • Later I looked out the window to see Anderson trying to go down a homemade zip line.  They had tied a rope to the top of the tree house and then to a plastic lawn chair.  Reagan and Cash were sitting in the chair so it would not tip over.  And they were using a bandana as the thing to slide down the rope with.  Don't be shocked but it didn't work out as planned.  It was a good idea though and Santa might possible look into a zip line for Christmas (maybe, just maybe).
  • Soon Robby was home for lunch and after he left is when all of the trouble started.  I put Keaton and Campbell down and did laundry while Anderson did his reading book.  Then the doorbell rang with the UPS man.  He had a huge box full of diapers and I let Reagan, Anderson and Graham have the box.
  • They decided they were going to make a fire truck out of the box and started to work.  Before I could finish with my laundry they were fussing and fighting over where and what to draw on the sides.  Reagan was nearly hysterical crying so hard and Anderson was just mad.  I eventually had to take the box away and sent them upstairs to clean the toy room (and you would have thought that I was beating them by the way they fussed at this).  I overheard them all being very ugly with each other and had to go back upstairs a few times until I demanded that they clean without saying a word.  They were happier after awhile-though the room hadn't been picked up much but I will take that in exchange for better attitudes any day.
  • Campbell had probably been asleep an hour and Keaton only 45 minutes (they both didn't want to take a nap-Keaton fussed and Campbell could hear all of the ruckus from the others) when I got everyone up to meet Robby.  I explained to them that their behavior in the store we were going on determined if they were getting to go to the park and they were perfect.  Reagan was the little mommy ushering everyone around.  And they earned their trip to the park back.
  • After a few stops (Robby was doing a bit of work) we stopped at the park in Maumelle to eat a picnic.  And I have never seen so many flies.  We all ate waving our arms to shoo them away.  At one time Reagan squealed because she thought they were all going to land at once-it was a massive cloud of flies.  Needless to say, we ate pretty quickly and were quite a sight-7 people sitting eating all waving their arms-yes, even Keaton got in on the action though she was just copying us.  
  • The kids enjoyed playing and were pretty tired by the time we loaded up to go home.  We picked up Robby's car and then let them work on their fire truck box after we made it home.  They even put on a show-their shows right now consist of lots of singing of different songs all at the same time along with some slap stick comedy and a few fights about who goes first.  Maybe I should have sent them to acting camp this summer!

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