June 19, 2012

Happy little bunch!
(click here for today's pictures) 
  • Graham was the first one up before 6:30 and that is really just too early.  We were all able to be a bit lazy for another hour and then it was breakfast and time to get ready.  I took the kids over to Nonna's house this morning.  I only have one work kid this summer and he was out of school today so I came home for a few minutes to do some work around here.
  • The kids had the best time at Nonna's house-they played outside twice (bikes, baseball and chalk), made cookies and Nonna's friend came over to see them.  Ms. Mary brought a few games and the kids enjoyed playing them.  When I came back everyone seemed fairly calm and in a good mood so I decided to run to see Beebee and Papaw.
  • I reviewed the rules on the way there and here are a few rules that were broken while at Beebees and Papaws 1: touching the door 2: pushing Papaw's scooter 3: running 4: wrestling 5: fighting 6: pulling on Keaton 7: asking for candy.  Actually, despite all of that they all did very good.  I gave them letter grades about how well they did-boys got Bs and Reagan got an A-she wanted to tell Robby all about her grade and everyone else's at supper.  I think that child likes to brag a bit. 
  • Keaton would have nothing to do with Beebee and Papaw.  It took her at least 5 minutes of sitting in my lap for her to relax a bit.  We will have to get into a better routine of visiting more often so she can get more comfortable.  The kids so wanted her to show them how she could crawl but she was shriek if I put her on the ground for a second.
  • Papaw gave us some cash as we left so we headed straight to Sonic for happy hour.  Once home it was too late for Campbell's nap so she stayed up while Keaton tried to go to sleep but never did.  They tried to work on their fire truck box again but were too noisy since Robby was working from home so I herded everyone upstairs.
  • We did laundry, they played kitchen, Anderson did his reading book and we had everybody read time.  Right before we should have had supper, Robby and I headed outside to work on the garage.  The kids all followed us and we worked until nearly 7.  We moved a cabinet and shelf into the garage and this meant we had to move a shelf from one shed to another and then fill everything back up.  All of this started because there was another rodent in his shed-the trap got it but Robby had to find it first.  The maggots had actually found it first-nasty!  
  • It was nearly 8 when we were all clean and eating supper.  The kids were starving and devoured their food.  That is always nice and soon we took a few pictures and everyone went to bed quietly...we thought...
  • So we tucked everyone in tonight and Robby ran to get Campbell's baby doll out of the car.  I was standing on the porch talking to him and as we came in we could hear someone screaming and lots of other commotion going on.  As we turned the corner in the kitchen, Campbell was first down the stairs hysterically sobbing, she was followed by Graham, then Reagan and finally Anderson (who had to climb down from his bunk).  Apparently Campbell wasn't going to wait on us to bring her the baby doll so she decided to climb out and get it herself.  She said she hit her head but the others added that she fell on the large stuffed animal nearby.  It took a few minutes to calm her down but I doubt she will be climbing out of her bed anytime soon.

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