June 13, 2012

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  • Well, I woke up and the first thing I noticed was that my phone was cracked.  I don't even remember dropping it.  Pooey!  Thankfully Robby has insurance on my phone so I will be able to get a new one.  But we will wait a few weeks so they believe us to file that claim since I have only had this replacement for a few weeks.  I have a case but I think I will have to wrap it in bubble wrap and then stuff it in my pocket.
  • When I got Campbell out of bed this morning, her pants were in the floor and her diaper was loosely fastened.  I asked her about it and Reagan said that she did it in the middle of the night.  Reagan said that she tried to call me but then Campbell put her diaper back on and she thought I wasn't needed.  I have heard of kids taking their diapers off but who puts them back on?  A child refusing to go potty-that's who!
  • So this morning I was asking Robby if he had read in last nights blog about me leaving Keaton in the house briefly (yes, we do talk but I don't always remember to tell him everything-especially things I might want to hide).  He then fessed up and said last Wednesday when I was home and everyone was out playing, he brought the kids in and was giving them baths when he remembered that Keaton was still outside sleeping in the stroller.  Don't worry, we kept up with her all day long!  Thank goodness she hasn't started crawling yet!
  • On the way to church, the kids really started begging for a dog.  First they started with wanting a cat and when I explained that we will never have a cat, they moved on to a dog.  Reagan said she was going to ask Santa for a dog.  I explained that he would not bring a dog to our house because her mother said no.  Reagan countered with Lilly and Cash had a new dog.  I told them we would ask for a fish!
  • On the other side of town, Grannymom and Grandpa both had appointments so Keaton and Campbell hung out with Aunt Dana for a few minutes while I was at VBS.  Campbell was very proud that she petted Dana's new dog and also told us that Keaton petted the dog too.  Soon they went to spend the rest of the morning at Grannymom's house and again spent most of the day looking at past Disney pictures.
  • Keaton's new trick is sitting up from a laying down position.  She did that tonight and Robby and I clapped and cheered.  She just looked around pleased with herself though she had no idea what she had done that was so impressive.
  • At home this afternoon, most of us took a nap and then everyone went outside to play.  We took a walk down the driveway (love that), the kids rode bikes (they are anxious to get their new bikes that I promised them when the house is finished) and all of them spent a little time in a climbing tree that they found.  
  • When Robby made it home, I had 3 in the bath tub and soon everyone was clean and we were eating supper.  It was a pretty uneventful night until Campbell fell off the bunk bed.  She was just climbing down the ladder and she was possible unattended to at the time (I might or might not have been on the phone and Robby might or might not have been busy texting).  She was fine and only a little shaken up.  After a few minutes with Robby being the tickle monster she had forgotten all about it.
  • House Update-the tile guys finished today and things are looking really nice.  Dusty, but really nice.  We have been able to keep the dust out of the house (mostly) and just in the addition but not anymore.  Seriously, dust is inches thick.  Thankfully Anderson isn't allergic to dust or he would have to live somewhere else.  I actually have no idea about how to start de-dusting the house....maybe I just need a big vacuum to suck it all out.

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