February 14, 2013-Happy Valentine's Day!

Graham's Class Party!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • I really have no idea why all of the kids (except Keaton) have started getting up earlier in the morning-still after 7.  But Anderson and especially Reagan would lay in bed well after Campbell and Graham would come running downstairs.  It is not a problem though because they all crowd in bed with us-usually, Anderson on my edge, then me and Graham with Campbell laying on Robby and Reagan laying at the end of the bed and pulling the covers from the foot of the bed up over her.
  • Graham was on cloud 9 today because his Valentine party was at the end of his school day.  Robby took him and Robby just stayed and worked from the church.  He figured by the time he came home and then turned around for the party, he would waste too much time.  So he just stayed there and worked.
  • Robby said that Graham had a big party.  Though there was one incident-one little boy didn't want the Valentine that Graham gave out (a juice box that said "pleased as punch if you would be my Valentine") instead he wanted the Valentine that Graham had for Ms. Stacy (a box of brownie mix that said "shooting for brownie points").  Robby said that the boys fit went on for too long but Graham didn't seem to mind.  
  • After the party, Robby took Graham to Nonna's house for the afternoon.  He spent most of his afternoon looking at all of his Valentine candy.  They had lunch, played outside, played G.I. Joe and had a good time.  When we finally made it home, Nonna brought Graham back to our house.
  • Back to the morning, after Robby and Graham left we started a quick breakfast and school.  I made it clear that Reagan and Anderson needed to get most of their boxes completed.  They did really well and let me just brag on my Anderson-he has finished his 4th phonics book (book 2.5).  It is a set of 1-8 including 1/2 books-Reagan is still working on them and will probably finish sometime next year.  Seriously, I was so worried about him when we started Kindergarten this fall.  Now I am just as worried about my Grahammer-but the nice thing about homeschool is we can go as slow as we need to (hopefully not too slow though!)
  • Poor old Keaton had the runniest nose this morning.  It slowed some at Grannymom's house but still was runny-enough so that at one point during the day, Keaton pointed to her nose and then to the kleenexes.  But she acted like she felt fine all day long-we did give her some tylenol tonight since she felt a bit warm-hopefully just because she had been wearing her coat though.
  • I took the kids to Grannymom's house around 10:30 since I had a doctors appointment.  I had no wait-my blood pressure was great and the baby's heartbeat was 146.  The only thing interesting that took place was that they keep asking for money!  Ha!  Last year they gave us a bill so we started paying on this years deductible last year-now that is paid and they still want more money!  Just another thing for Robby to mess with...
  • And this caused Robby to say later in the day "we better get serious about all of this."  He wasn't referring to the bill but to the baby's name and candy bars.  We only have a boy's name and not a girls name.  And then while discussing candy bars, Robby said that he wished he could find a candy bar called "finale."
  • While the kids played at Grannymom's house, I ran to Target and Kroger.  As I picked the kids up, Grannymom had them a bag of candy and then we headed home.  I had finished unloading the car but not unpacking when Nonna, Graham, Pops and Hank came over.  The kids were so excited that Hank was at our house.  I remember being small and also being thrilled when Hank came over.
  • Nonna also had treats for the kids along with a heart shaped cake that we all enjoyed.  Hank even had a movie for the kids-we are planning on watching it Saturday night.  It has dogs just like Hank has and the kids are so excited about watching it.
  • After everyone left, the kids played upstairs and then watched a movie while I pulled out school for next week.  There was a bit of excitement about the box that was received in the mail.  I thought it was diapers but no, it was food.  Yes, we have started ordering our food in quantities so large that the boxes say "food service" on the side and not the traditional logos!
  • Then on a whim we decided to go out for Valentines.  We ate at Pei Wei and when we arrived we were glad it was only 5:!5.  There was hardly anyone there.  The kids devoured the edemame along with lo mein noodies.  
  • Then it was on to our next stop-Krispy Kreme for heart shaped donuts.  And we were the ONLY people there.  So it was nice little visit.  Though I did spend most of the time in the bathroom-Campbell, Reagan, Graham who took forever and then Campbell again.  I did catch up on my pinteresting though while I waited on the kids to finish their business.  Back at home, it was already past bed time for everyone so they were quickly put into bed.